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Zohomail - Make Free Business Email Address

Until a few years ago, Google Apps used to be a favorite choice for creating domain specific email addresses for many, but last year, Google Apps shutdown free signup and now you have to pay for every user account of Google Apps. . For those who are looking for free domain specific email options, you still have some options like domain provider or cPanel can make it free email account or use Zoho Main.

I came to know about Zoho Mail's free domain email address a few days ago, and this is really something that you will love. They also have a premium option (with additional options), but if you need up to 10 users, the free version will meet your needs. In this detailed guide, I will tell you how to setup domain Email Address using ZohoMail.

Step by step guide to use ZohoMail to create a business email:

This signup and set process is very easy and it will take you only 5-10 minutes to.inplete all the steps. To get started, go to their free mail signup page (from here) and add your domain name.Add Domain Zoho Mail Ke Liye

Click on Add Domain and on the next page, fill in the signup form. You can add any email address. Sign Up for ZohoMail

(For example, here I have added “admin”), you can use your name or something else. You can always add 9 more email addresses in the free plan.
On the next page you will get confirmation for the sign up for free lite plan. Here is the screenshot of the confimation shown below: Zoho Mail Ka Confirmation

Verifying Domain Ownership on ZohoMail:

Click on the option of “Proceed to verify domain ownership” and you will be taken to the verified domain ownership page. For now they have three options, “CNAME, TXT and HTML file upload”. The HTML method is simplest because all you have to do is download a file and upload it to your root-server. Moreover, HTML verification is also the fastest.Zohomail Domain Verification

You can use cPanel FTP Manager or FileZilla on the desktop so that you can connect to your web-server. Once you verify your domain using any one method, you will get a success message like the one shown below and you will have to continue with your business email setup. Zoho Configured Successfully

Update MX Record to.inplete the Zoho Business Email setup:

An important step that you must do to enable your business email is to update MX Record. Click on Change MX Record and it will show you which MX Record you need to enable on your website. In our case, the site used above is hosted on HostGator, then we will simply login to our Hostgator cPanel, click on the MX entry under mail section and select the domain name on the next page. Now all you have to do is add the MX Record shown on the Zoho domain email configuration page. MX Record Ko Hostgator Main Add Kare

Once you have added the MX Record, return to the Zoho domain setup and finish the process. Finally you will be in your Dashboard which you can access anytime from here. Zoho offers great features in its Dashboard, including branding, domain aliases, spam filters and much more in Zoho Business emails.

Here is a screenshot of Zoho Mail's Control Panel:ZohoMail Ka DashBoard

Zoho also offers mobile apps. Their iOS App and Android App are great.

Ever since Google Apps has retired its Google Apps account, many people were in search of it to find something that is as good as Google Apps, and Zoho Mail fit perfectly in this category. I am not covering their pro plans features but you can see them from here.

If you are an exisiting Google App user, Pricing is another factor that helps you up Zoho will be excited to like Mail. You can migrate exisiting Google Apps account and mails using their migration account and a help guide can be obtained from here. Simply login to mail.zoho.in to access your email.

You can try the rest of its features by creating your own free or paid ZohoMail Account and I assure you that it will not disappoint you. If you are using any other service to get free business email address, then let me know through.inments.

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