YouTube Video Me Ads Show Nahi Hone Ke Top 8 Karan (Reasons)

Some time ago a friend asked me on social media that “sir, mene apne video me ads monetization enable kar diya hai aur adsence se bhi connect kar diya hai lekin mere video me ads show nahi ho rahe hai. ”That's why I am writing this post specially for him. Actually, a lot of youtuber wants to know the answer to this question. That is why in this post we will talk about the 8 reasons why ads are not being shown in YouTube videos.

Apke YouTube video me ads show nahi ho rahe hai iske 8 karam reasons
YouTube has become a favorite of all internet users in recent times. All internet users know about it. It is very simple to use it, due to which a small child also uses it. The biggest thing is that in recent times a lot of Zahil people also use it. Actually, it has a very good future, which is called voice search. Through this future, you can search and speak in Hindi or English and watch the video.

Right now, almost youtube user has his own account, so that he can upload videos easily on youtube. Uploading videos to YouTube is very simple. To upload videos in this, one has to sign in with Google account and you can upload the video by going to YouTube upload page.

In my case, when I did not know about youtube. When people used to discuss about it, I used to think that I would make my own video and put it in youtube and people should watch my video. At that time, I did not know that people earn money by uploading videos in youtube and I did not even think about them. I just had a hobby that my video should also be on youtube and people could see it.

In the current time on YouTube, people are making millions of income by uploading videos and many people will also know about it. It is very easy to earn money from this, but to earn money from this you must have talent and you will have to work very hard in the beginning. When your videos will start getting good views and the number of subscriber will be above ten thousand, then understand that now you have become a success and can earn a good income. After that upload regular videos and connect to adsense by enabling monetization in all your videos.

I have seen that many people often complain that his video has monetization enable and his account is also linked to adsense, yet his video does not show ads. If you have this problem too, then read this post carefully. We will tell you about the top 8 reasons below, due to which ads do not show in your youtube video.

# 1 Monetization Not Enabled: This is the biggest reason why ads are not showing in your video. When we upload a video to YouTube, we have to enable monetization in that video only then the ads show in that video. That is why if you want to show ads in your video then activate monetization.

# 2 AdSense not connected: If you want to place ads in your youtube video then you have to connect your channel with Google Adsense. Many people only enable monetization in their videos and check whether ads are being shown in it. That is why you should know that to show ads in the video, it is necessary to connect it with Adsense.

# 3 Maybe Ads are playing but you believed: View is not available with all video ads! You will be surprised to know that youtube video does not show ads every time. That is why it may be that the first time you have tried, the ads have shown in the first view and the ads have not shown the same time. To check this, login to YouTube and “Analytics -> Revenue “and” Analytics -> Ad Rates ” Go to If you have an earning show in this, it means ads are being shown.

# 4 You Logged in with your Account: Many people consider youtube as stupid but they themselves are stupid. I mean, many people login with the account from which they upload the video and watch their video. That is why there are no ads in it. If you have to check whether your video ads are show or not, then watch your video in another device.

# 5 Your browser has an ad-blocker: In recent times, ad blocker is added to many browsers. It filters the ads and blocks them. If your browser has ad-blocker enable and you are viewing the video, then your ads will be blocked and you will not even know.

# 7 Videos Claimed by 3rd Party: Many people download music from the internet and add it to their made videos. For this reason, a claim for copyright is made in his video. Such a video does not show ads. If you have to check whether your video has 3rd party claim or not, then login to YouTube and go to the video manager. There will be a notification there.

Adult content: You would know that Google Adsense hates adult content and if it finds adult content in your video, ads will never show in it. That's why avoid adult content. If you add more adult content then your channel will be suspended.

# 8 Strike on the channel: If you have a YouTube channel, then maybe you have got copyright strike and because of this your ads are not showing in your video. There are many reasons to get a copyright strick. If you want to check copyright strike then for this you login in YouTube Channel Go to selection and right menu Creator Studio You can check by visiting

These are all reasons, due to which ads are not showing in your youtube video. You should read these reasons well and fix them. After that, ads will show in your video. If there is any problem then comment us.

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