YouTube takes a new step to support Indian women creators

To support and support the Women’s Creators community in India, on Thursday YouTube launched an initiative called #WomenToWatch and hosted over 700 creators.

According to YouTube , there were no women on the list of people crossing the milestone of one million subscribers in 2015 in India. But today there are more than 120 women creators, who have succeeded in crossing that milestone.

Satya Raghavan, Director, Partnership, YouTube India stated in a statement that, “With over 265 million monthly active users, India has proved to be our largest and fastest growing market globally. And at the same time the women creators community is growing rapidly on a large scale.

He also mentioned that women creators on YouTube are involved from all parts of India . And they are providing content to users in many languages ​​of India.

For your information, the next generation of women creators on YouTube is moving beyond traditional verticals to provide content like “MotoVlog”, “Technology”, “Gaming” and “Farming”.

Mark Leffkowitz, head of YouTube Creator and head of artist development , APAC, said that “the growth of our women creators has been very inspiring. She is creating different content in many Indian languages, overcoming barriers, taking unconventional verticals.

She also said that, we are investing to increase YouTube’s vibrant community of women creators , and will continue to do so in the future. So that we can see many other women creators joining our current stars.

Well perhaps this initiative of YouTube will increase the number of women creators significantly. But it will still be interesting to see how many women creators join YouTube through the initiative of YouTube.


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