YouTube Channel Ko Promote Karne Ke Liye 10 Tarike

Whenever someone starts their business, it is also very important to promote it. Because when he promotes it, then people get to know him. Similarly, when we create a blog or create a YouTube channel or if we are starting an online business, it is very important to promote it as well. Let's talk about promoting YouTube Channel today.

Youtube Channel Promote Karne Ke Liye 10 Ways Tips and Tricks

YouTube is now earning millions by uploading videos and many Indian people are involved in it. If you also have talent, you can make a video by yourself and upload it in YouTube and make income. There is no need to do much in this, that's why many people are moving from blogging to youtube.

To upload a video to YouTube, the video must be created by you. It depends on your talent and not your degree. When your speaking style will be good and your video will be good information, then people will also like it and when people start liking you, then understand that your online career has become. YouTube is a place where your hard work will not be wasted and your video life will be live and whenever someone watches your video, you will earn. That is why when you make a video with your hard work in it, your hard work will definitely bring color.

When you make a video and upload it on youtube, then you have to increase views only then you will earn. When we promote our youtube channel, it will increase subscriber and video views will also increase. Just as a blog is promoted, similarly YouTube channel is also promoted. Mostly, it is promoted online.

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There are many good ways in which you can promote YouTube channel easily. Here I am telling both tips and tricks so that you can easily promote your channel and make it a popular channel.

Optimize Your Channel

Optimize YouTube channel to create a branding channel only if someone's eyes go into your channel once, then they will not forget your channel. Nowadays people recognize anything from its look. That is why you should first optimize your channel.
To optimize the channel properly, write full description in it. Add your custom logo and add your custom background banner. When you complete these processes, then the design of your channel will be better.

Optimize Your Videos

The way we optimize the channel is very important. In the same way, optimizing the video is also very important. Because right now people like the same video which has a custom designed thumbnail and its title is also very good.
For video, make your thumbnail separately and keep its title so that anyone wants to click on that video as soon as they see it. When you optimize the video in this way, then when you share the video somewhere, everyone will want to see it. That is why it is very important to optimize the video.

Promote Channel via Email Building

This is a very popular and better way to promote the channel very quickly. When you upload a new video to the channel, after optimizing it, you can promote that video by email. This will give you better result.
But for this you will need an email list. When you have at least 500 emails needed. You can take it from anyone or you can buy it. The best thing would be to search in google and you can take thousands of emails list.

Channel Subscription

In the blog, we use feedburner so that when people subscribe to it, the new post update notification of our blog goes away. same as, YouTube also has the option to subscribe to the channel. So when someone subscribes from our channel, when we upload new video, then our video show is in his YouTube dashboard and he gets an email notification.
That's why increase YouTube channel subscriber. For this, add the Subscribe button to the last of the video. Which people will subscribe to your channel.

Use Social Media

You must know that right now millions of people are promoting their business in social media. Millions of people stay active here every time. You can also take help of YouTube to promote your YouTube channel. I am sure that you will be able to promote your channel easily here. There are many popular social media. Like on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Whatsaap, Linkedin, Buffer, you can promote your YouTube video by sharing it.

Create a Blog for Channel

Create a separate blog for your YouTube channel and embed the videos of your channel and explain in details there. With this, people will visit your blog, then when the information of that tutorial is in youtube video, then they will also see your video.
There are many free platforms for making blogs. If you want, you can easily create your free blog in Blogger,, tumbler. Use a good template in it and design it well. Write only articles related to your YouTube channel in it. If you already have a blog, it is even better. Because there is an old blog, there must be traffic in it. When you write an article in your blog, then embed the video of your youtube channel in it.

Stay active in the community

The forum is a very good place to promote both blog or YouTube channel. People here take help to solve their issue and there are many who help them. When someone asks a question related to your youtube video, then you add a link to your YouTube channel and write that the answer to your question is in this video, then watch it. Your channel will go popular in a very short time. But only promote your channel in popular communities. Right now there are many forums in which there is very little traffic and very few questions are asked in it. That is why if you waste your time in such a forum, you will not be able to promote the channel in a short time.

Optimize Video SEO

In YouTube videos we are given many options to optimize SEO. When we optimize SEO well, our video in Google will be indexed quickly and will be first in the result. Many new YouTuber ignores this so that their video is not indexed quickly in Google. If you follow Google's policies properly then google can make you a successful youtuber. I am telling you some tips below so that you can optimize the SEO of Video.

  • Use the keyword in the video title and write the full title.
  • Write about the video in the description and also use Keyword in it.
  • Video length should be good and if it is more than 1 hour then it will be better.
  • Increase Subscriber as much as possible. Because the ranking and views of your video will increase with subscriber.
  • Allow commenting and reply to comments.
  • Select the target location while uploading the video.


If you want, you can promote your YouTube channel by spending a little money. For this, you can also advertise online and offline. Google Adword would be good for online and television would be good for offline. In this you will get better result in a very short time, but there is expense in this. If you have less money then let it be and there are many ways. You try them.


You can also make YouTube videos and channels popular with the help of contestants. For this, keep a gift and then write in it that only lucky subscriber will get a chance to win this gift. Spread this poster on social media so that everyone can know about it. When many subscriber will subscribe to your channel, then give the prize to one lucky winner.
When there will be a lot of subscriber in your channel, then when you upload a new video, you will not need to promote the video. Subscriber will get its notification automatically.

In all these ways, you can promote your YouTube channel easily. All the tips and tricks mentioned in it are absolutely easy. You can follow it easily.

I hope you have liked this information and you will be able to promote your YouTube channel easily by reading this post. If you have any question related to this post, then comment and share this post in social media.


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