Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide]

We have to do a lot of work to optimize our blog for Search Engine. If your blog is on Blogger then you will have to do most of the work manually by editing the template. But if you are a WordPress user, you can easily SEO your blog with the help of plugin. Today we are telling you how to setup / configure WordPress best SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO Plugin WordPress me Sitting kaise karte hai

All bloggers have to pay attention to SEO so that their post can be seen in a good position in the search engine. If you are also a blogger then you do not need to tell how hard people work for search engine optimization of their blog. Today, there have been one blogger on the Internet who keeps trying to follow each other.

But do you know which blogs Google pays more attention to? There are many reasons for this and one of the valid reasons is that those whose blogs are optimized for SEO from the beginning get better rank. Some of us also do that after creating our blog, posts start writing posts without doing SEO. When he writes 100 – 150 posts and still does not get traffic from the search engine, then he gets the idea of ​​basic SEO.

Remember, whenever you start a new blog, it is very important to do its basic search engine optimization. If you ignore it in the beginning, then later on you may have to work very hard.

Like we have already said that for basic SEO in Blogger blog, we have to do a lot of work by manually editing the template. But this does not happen in wordpress. Because you will know that there are thousands of plugins in wordpress, with the help of which you can design, customize blogs and much more.

WordPress Blog Blog has many plugins for SEO but among them All in one SEO and Yoast SEO is the best and most used plugin. Often, I see more bloggers using and recommending Yoast SEO itself. This is a plugin that will provide A to Z SEO options inside your blog. You will understand it easily.

In this post, we are going to tell about setting up the Yoast SEO plugin in the blog. In this, we will try to tell you in full details so that you can understand easily. Before we tell about how to setup it, let us know about some of its top features.

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Its very simple answer is that if you want to do search engine optimization in your WordPress blog, then this is the best option for you. Before using it, they will definitely want to know what are the options in this plugin and what can you do with it. So let's try to know in details.

  1. Post's SEO Title and Description can change according to the post.
  2. Google search result snippet previews.
  3. Focus keyword testing.
  4. Easily add noodp, noydir meta tags.
  5. Title and meta description support is for taxonomies (e.g. category and tags).
  6. RSS footer / header configuration.
  7. Permalink clean ups, while still allowing for Google Custom Search.
  8. XML Sitemaps.
  9. Breadcrumbs support, with configurable breadcrumbs titles.
  10. Improved canonical support, adding canonical to taxonomy archives, single posts and pages and the front page.
  11. .htaccess and robots.txt editor.
  12. Verify on Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, and Bing Webmaster Tools.
  13. Easily noindex, or nofollow pages, taxonomies or entire archives.
  14. Export / Import functionality.

You will find all these options in yoast seo plugin. Now you can imagine how many features you are getting in free. By the way, tell you one more thing that its premium version is also available, which also has some new features. If UO start using this plugin once, then you will not be able to think of other plugin.

Let us now tell you the full process to setup it below. Now you have to configure this plugin once, after that you will not have to do anything. When you write a post, there are some things to be kept in mind, so that you will be able to get the green point in yoast seo snippet preview tool. Well, now you also follow the steps with us.

Step 1: Install Yoast SEO Plugin:

First of all, you have to activate and install the Yoast SEO plugin in your blog. For this you login to your wordpress blog and Plugins »Add New Go to After that you have to search by writing “Yoast SEO” in the search bar, below it will show Yoast SEO plugin, it will be Install and Activate Do it.

Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide] 1

Step 2: General Sittings –

Now after installing and activating the plugin, you will have to setup General Sittings first. For this in the admin area of ​​the blog SEO »Dashboard Go to

1. Enable Extra Features:

If you have installed yoast seo plugin the first time, then more options will not be enabled here. So you have to enable all the extra features also so that you can do full SEO of your blog.

For this SEO »Dashboard Go into Features Clicking on the tab below Advanced sittings pages Enable

Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide] 2

After enabling this, all the new options under SEO will appear in your dashboard. We are showing you a preview of it below.

Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide] 3

2. Your Info:

Now you have to fill some information about your blog and its owner / company. For this SEO »Dashboard In Your Info Switch to the tab.

  1. Write the title of your blog here and you can also add Tagline in the box below it.
  2. Now here person select
  3. Add your Full Name here.

Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide] 4

3. Webmaster Tools:

Now, you need to add Bing, Google and Yandex Webmaster Verification code. For this, we have already told you how to submit the blog to Google, Bing, Yahoo and how to verify the blog in Yandex Webmaster tool.

When you verify your blog in Google, Bing and Yandex Webmaster Tools, at the last you get a verification code which has to be added to the blog's head area. I will give you example below.

After verifying in Google webmaster, similar code is given which allows Add to All of these codes RhhgilggthfTOeweDZmn0A7qytaBiPihgdrh1w Will be needed only.

To configure it SEO »Dashboard Go to and click on Webmaster.

  • Bing Webmaster Tools: Just add the code of bing verification in the box in front of.
  • Google Search Console Add Google Verification Code in the box in front of.
  • Now the bottom Yandex Webmaster Tools To add yandex verification code in front of.

Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide] 5

4. Security:

Now the last tab of General Sittings is to click on Security. here “Advanced part of the Yoast SEO Meta Box” Will be an option of We will tell you that you disabled Leave it. Because after enabling this, in addition to the Administrator in your blog, for the author who will also be in the post editor Nofollow, Noindex The option of will come. And if they click on it, then your post will not show in the search engine. By Default, this option is available only in the post editor of Admin.

Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide] 6

Step 3. Titles And Metas –

Now we are telling you about sitting up blog posts, pages, archives and other Titles and Metas. For this, you need your blog SEO in Dashboard »Titles and Metas Have to go on And according to the tab below are telling.

1. General:

now you SEO »Titles and Metas After going on General Click on the tab.

  1. Let Force rewrite titles be disabled.
  2. In Title Separator you Dash (-) Can choose between Post Title and Blog Title in SERP.

Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide] 7

2. Homepage:

To configure homepage title and meta SEO »Homepage in Titles and Metas Have to click on the tab.

  • Title template: In this box you have to add the title of your blog which will show in Search Engine.
  • Meta Description Template: Now in this box you have to add the meta description of the blog. In this, write about the blog in less than 160 words.

Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide] 8

3. Post Types:

In your blog's dashboard SEO »Titles and Metas Go to Now you Post Types Have to click on the tab.

  1. Posts in Titles template %% title %% Write it down
  2. Date in Snippet Preview Hide Please do it.
  3. Now in Title template in Pages %% title %% Choose
  4. Date in Snippet Preview Hide Select

Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide] 9

4. Taxonomies:

Now taxonomies have to be configured to prevent blog categories and tags from being indexed in the search engine. For this you SEO »Titles Go to and click on Taxonomies tab.
Now here in Meta Robots under Categories noindex And Yoast SEO Meta Box Hide Select and also below the tags in Meta Robots noindex And Yoast SEO Meta Box Hide Select As in the screenshot below.

Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide] 10

5. Archives:

Now you have to setup indexing of author and date-based archive. Normally, we have to hide these contents from the search engine. So here you Noindex in subpages of archives have to choose and Use meta keywords tag? Disable Leave it.

Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide] 11

6. Now Save Changes

Step 4: Social Configuration –

Now you have to setup your social media profiles in Yoast SEO. This will add social media data to your blog and your SEO visibility will also be good. The main goal to setup it is to get good performance in social media. So if your blog is getting good traffic from social media, then setup it.

1. Social Accounts:

First of all, create an account in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, MySpace, Pinterest and gather its profile URL. After that you have to setup it.

To configure it Dashboard »SEO» Social Go to Account Click on the tab.

  • Facebook Page URL: Here you have to add the URL of your facebook page or facebook profile.
  • Twitter Username: Add the username of your twitter account here.
  • Instagram URL: Add your Instagram profile URL here.
  • Linkedin URL: If you have a Linkedin Account, then write its URL.
  • MySpace URL: If you have an account in MySpace, add its URL, if not, leave it blank.
  • Pinterest URL: Here is to add the URL of pinterest profile.
  • YouTube URL: Now you have to add the URL of your YouTube channel.
  • Google+ URL: You have to add the URL of your Google plus profile.
  • Now Save changes Click on

Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide] 12

2. Other Social Configuration –

now you SEO »Social You can add Facebook, Twitter and Google plus Graph. After setup this, when someone will share your blog URL in these social media, then the setup that you have done will show. Even if you do not setup them, it will work.

Step 5: XML Sitemaps:

This is one of the most important features of the Yoast SEO plugin. You can generate xml sitemap by enabling this option and submit them in Search Engines Webmaster Tools. With this, all posts of your blog will be easily indexed in the search engine.

To enable it Dashboard »SEO» XML Sitemaps Go to

  1. Enable XML sitemap functionality.
  2. Now by clicking here, you can find out the xml sitemap URL of your blog and submit that URL to Google, Bing, Yandex, Ask Webmaster Tools. [e.g www.blogginghindi.com/index_sitemap.xml]
  3. Now Save changes Click on

Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide] 13

Step 6: Advanced –

Now you SEO »Advanced In Breadcrumbs, Permalinks, RSS have to be configured. Let us tell you below.

1. Breadcrumbs:

This is also a very good feature, by which you can show better navigate for your blog in the search engine. So that people will understand easily.
you SEO »Advanced You can enable Breadcrumbs by going to

Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide] 14

2. Permalinks:

In the Yoast SEO plugin you can do Advanced Permalink Sitting Up for your blog. Here you can setup how to display URL in search engine results page.

By default, wordpress adds category base to all categories. Like / category /

You can remove / category / from category archives by clicking remove in Change URLs here, but it would be good to leave it.

Telling about all its options can be a bit long, so the way we have setup in the screenshot below, you can setup as well.

Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide] 15

3. RSS:

Many people copy the content of your site by RSS Feed or autoblogging with the RSS feed of your blog. In this case, this option is best for you. Because after setting it up, if someone will copy the content from your blog's RSS feed, then there will automatically be a link to your site. And your site will get dofollow backlink.

To setup it SEO »Advanced Go into and click on the RSS tab.

  • Content to put before each post in the feed In %% BLOGLINK %% %% POSTLINK %% Add
  • after this Content to put after each post in the feed In %% POSTLINK %% %% AUTHORLINK %% Add
  • Now Save changesClick on

Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide] 16

Step 7:

Now you Dashboard »SEO» Tools I have to go. Here you will find 3 tools which can be very important for you. Through this you can edit robot.txt, htaccess files without going to wordpress directory and much more. Let us know about it in the details below.

  • Bulk editor – You can edit the title and description of your blog posts and pages without going to the post editor.
  • File editor – This tool allows you to edit Robot.txt and .htaccess file. You will be able to edit robot.txt and .htaccess file without going to cPanel or wordpress directory.
  • Import and Export – If you used to use All in One plugin earlier or you already have yoast seo export, then you can import all their fittings here. From here, you can also keep all your sittings by exporting and can import whenever needed.

Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide] 17

Step 8: Search Console –

You can check all the reports of Search Console in the dashboard of your blog. For this you will have to enable this feature. Let us know how to setup you.

To setup this first you SEO »Search Go to

  1. Now you Get Google Authorization Code Click on the button and login from the Google account in the search console in which your blog is verified, and allow. In Last you will find some codes, copy it.
  2. Now paste that code here and Save changes Please do it.

Yoast SEO Plugin Ko SetUp Kaise Karte Hai [Complete Guide] 18

Now Yoast SEO will show you by accessing the report of your Search Console. If there will be any problem, then there will also be told to fix.

In this way you can setup yoast SEO plugin in your blog. After using this plugin you do not need to use other SEO plugin. You have to do its setup carefully. Because its wrong usage can also remove your blog from search engine. Therefore, follow all the steps mentioned above carefully.

This is a very big team to make the plugin and are working to make it much better. Its new versions are regular add, so whenever its new version comes, you will get notification and update it.

Hope you have understood the steps mentioned above and followed it. If you have not understood also, then feel free to tell us in the comment. If you liked the post, then tell friends about it and share it.


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