Write in Hindi on internet without knowing Hindi type.

The world of the Internet is huge and everlasting, it is like space, in which there is a new discovery every day, and like the space since it has come to light, it is expanding and growing. Is, it is so vast, its collection is so large, that it has to resort to search engines to find the content of its meaning, it is almost impossible to find anything on the internet if there are no search engines or search engines. Will, if you have this article are reading it could Phॅuc same to you through the rough search engine or search engine. When Google came into existence in 1996, hardly anyone would have thought that this small search engine would become known as the world's largest and most popular search engine, today most of the people of the world and India should be introduced to computers or not. Yes, he may or may not know how to run a computer, but he must know Google. This shows how important search engines are to us.
So far, most search engines provide search terms to English words, due to which readers are not available to Hindi websites and blogs, due to which most authors You are reluctant to write articles in Hindi.

Let us know how search engine works, when you find a word that we can use in Internet Says, writes in the search box built in the search engine and presses the search button, then it matches the articles written in the sites entered in its data, if your typed keyword matches the keywords written in the sites. If you go, then the search engine presents the list of sites with related links to you.

If you write articles in Hindi, then you also get less readers' problem. If you want to do some search in Hindi, then you type in English, due to which they are struggling with English, due to which they get results from English sites and blogs and due to which the reader also needs It takes a long time to find material. It is also necessary for the reader to search in English, not everyone knows Hindi type, and there is hardly anyone who will learn Hindi typing just to do the search.

To solve this problem of Hindi search, there are some sites which are facilitating the search of Hindi sites and Hindi articles. It can be very convenient for those who write articles in Hindi and for those who search in Hindi.


of a site which has been contributing for many years in the field of Hindi search. The name of this site is Hinkhoj, everything you will find on the site is also listed in different categories of sites in Hindi, if you visit this site, you will get to search a lot in Hindi. [19659007] The home page of this site has been given a Google search bar and along with a Hindi keyboard, which can be searched by typing in Hindi through a mouse. Search results are provided by Google itself.

Speed ​​search has been contributing for a long time in the field of Hindi search, here you will find the search bar on the homepage itself, for searching, the speed keyboard is also provided with the convenience of Remigton, Inscript, Anglo-Nagari keyboard, which makes it easy Can be searched by typing Hindi.

Google Hindi Search
Google has taken its initiative in the field of Hindi search, Google has launched its new search Chbar launched, which has been facilitating Hindi Keyboard for Hindi search.

Hindi Store
In this Hindi search engine, give space by writing in Roman and wait a bit, it will be transformed into Hindi, then results are obtained by pasting the given search box.

Rapid Monkey Datacom
Its homepage has a full keyboard of the Hindi alphabet along with the searchbar, which can be written with the click of a mouse.

This Hindi search engine provides tools like typing pad and typing help to type in Hindi, which can help you to type in Hindi.

Vevaduniyo's homepage provides a searchbar that allows typing in Hindi with the help of Google Translate technology.

Shorty Google
This search engine Masterpiece ] Dev provides facility to search by typing in krutidev font, in addition to can be typed in Unicode font.

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