WordPress Me Posts Ko Pages Me Kaise Divide karen? (Pagination)

You must have seen many websites in which the same article is made in different pages and the numbering of those different pages is shown somewhere in the post, with the help of which you can easily browse the pages. The concept of by default pagination is at the homepages of WordPress blogs, so that you can browse different articles. But today we will know that if your post is longer or if you want to divide your post into pages for some other reason then how can you do this.

How to divide posts into pages in wordpress

Let's know before that,

SEO effects of dividing posts into pages

If the content of your post is very engaging and good, then after reading the first page, people will definitely open the second pages and this will increase two things, the page viewses of your site and the average user time, which they spend on your site.

If you have monetize your website with AdSense or other ad network, then ad impressions will also increase, which can increase your revenue. But remember, this two conditions are possible only if your content will be high quality, engaging and attractive.

You must have seen many blogs and websites, which write quotes and thoughts, they divide the content into pages in this way. Google or any other search engine will index each page separately, but it is so smart that it is perfectly clear which one page to rank at the top. So if you want to pagination with the hope that all your pages will be ranked higher, then you are thinking wrong.

Google or any other search engine will see the article with pagination as a single article. So you keep in mind one thing, pagination is good only for user level enagement and ease of browsing and not for any extra SEO benefit.

How to divide posts into pages in WordPress?

It is quite easy to divide posts into pages in WordPress. You can easily share content in pages with the visual text editor of WordPress. But you have to confirm one thing, and that is:

Does your theme support post level pagination?

Most themes nowadays support post level pagination, but if you don't, you can take help of some third party plugins, such as: Pagination For Posts

This plugin also supports some other great features such as Ajax based loading, ie changing the page without reloading the page.

Let it be one thing, but you can do pagination very easily even without it, if your theme supports it.

If you have not yet installed the TinyMCE plugin, which makes many complex visual editor tasks of WordPress easy, then main will recommend you to download and activate it now.

By the way, you can do pagination even without using this plugin, but this plugin makes this task quite easy.


First write all your content, all the content on the same page, in the visual editor of wordpress, then press enter wherever you want to split the content into pages, as I mentioned below done in screenshot.

How to divide posts into pages in WordPress (Pagination in WordPress Posts)

Now if you have installed Tiny MCE Advanced plugin, then your visual editor will have a menu of Insert, go into it, and then click on the option of Page Break.

How to divide posts into pages in WordPress (Pagination in WordPress Posts) 2

Wherever you do this, there will be PAGE BREAK and the content will be ready to be displayed on a separate page.

How to divide posts into pages in WordPress (Pagination in WordPress Posts)

You can see, as I broke the page in two places, 3 different pages were created. Wherever the page breaks, the content will be displayed on the next page.

How to divide posts into pages in WordPress (Pagination in WordPress Posts)

Note: Whether you use TinyMCE Advanced plugin, or not, instead of visual mode, you go to text mode, this tag: You can also break the page by writing.

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