WordPress Blog Ka Scheduled Database Backup Kaise Karen?

Are you searching for an automated system, with the help of which you can backup the database of your WordPress website or blog automatically with a repeating schedule? So this article today is specially dedicated for you.

How to Scheduled Backup of your WordPress Blog Database

We know that all the data of our WordPress website is safe due to the database. Whenever we write any posts etc. in our blog, they get saved in our database. Whenever a visitor accesses a page, then by fetching php engine data from our MySQL database, the content of the entire page is displayed to the visitor.

If there is any problem in our database or it becomes corrupt, it means that we will lose our precious content and all data. So it is recommended that if you have any site, take regular backup of it. So that if there is any problem then you can do everything as before, due to having backup of it.

In WordPress, both files + database complete all the functions of the site. So in this case we should backup both the files + database of wordpress. But it is often seen that most of the errors and danger are in the database. So in such a way you can do that, take both the backup, the files as well as the database. But take backup of database more frequently. Here I mean to say that if you are taking backup of files once a week, then backup the database every day. Or if you are taking backup of files once a month, then backup the database every week.

We have already shared articles with you to take complete backup (database + files) of the WordPress site. One of those articles is given below, which you must read:

In today's article, we will only talk about the backup of the database. If you are doing backup of files in some other way, and want to backup the database automatically according to the schedule, then this method is good for you.

How to do Repeated Scheduler Backups from WP Database Backup?

How to Scheduled Backup of your WordPress Blog Database 1

You must first install this plugin called WP Database Backup in your WordPress blog. (To learn how to install plugin, you can read our article: How to install wordpress plugins?)

Some good features of this plugin are:

  • One-click backup save and restore
  • Store Backup in local or cloud drives

The user interface of this plugin is self-explanatory, and you will learn to use it within a few seconds. After installing and activating the plugin, you need to use it Tools> WP-DB Backup Will go in

In the screenshot given below, I have tried to explain its interface.

How to Scheduled Backup of your WordPress Blog Database 2

You can do instant backup anytime by clicking on the option of Create New Database Backup, and as soon as you click on this option, your page will go into loading state and the overall webpage will become unresponsive. So you have to wait a bit for this process, that means patience is important.

And as soon as backup is complete, it will be added to this list and you can download it if you want and restore if needed.

Scheduling Backups (Automatic Backups)

To perform backups according to automatic time, you have to go to the scheduler, then the second of the interface. In this, you have to first enable the option of Auto Backups and then define its frequency. After this you have to click on the button of Save Settings.

How to Scheduled Backup of your WordPress Blog Database 3

As you can see I have defined in the screenshot above that this plugin daily backup the database of my WordPress blog. Similarly, you can also choose Hourly (every hour), Twice daily (twice a day), weekly or monthly according to your requirement.

This plugin is a very powerful plugin and provides you with many other advanced options as well. All the options given in the settings page are also explained in the screenshot given below.

How to Scheduled Backup of your WordPress Blog Database 4

Similarly, if you want to save backups in cloud drives, you can configure your different cloud drives in the page with Destination. For example, if you want your backup to be saved automatically in Google Drive, you can configure Google.

How to Scheduled Backup of your WordPress Blog Database 6

You can see that to connect Google Drive with this plugin, you have to add the client id and client secret of Google Drive, save it, click on the button of Allow Access. And after that whenever your backups happen after complete allowance, you will be saved in a folder of Google Drive, as you have configured.

A pro version of this plugin is also available which provides you many other features. But in the free version itself, you get most of the features which are necessary for doing repeated schedular backups.

So tell me how did you like this plugin? Which method and which plugins do you use for complete backup, schedular backups, and database-only backup of your site?

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