what is this? What is Satta Matka Result? Why is it dangerous?

Satta Matka 2019: This is a type of gambling which is considered illegal in our country. Despite this, the popularity of this game is very high in our country. This game was invented hundreds of years ago, but even today people are not able to get rid of it. Through this post, we are going to tell you what is Satta Matka? Is it considered illegal in India?

satta matka result 2019

In our daily life, along with the right things, the wrong things are also full. In the same way, the Internet is also filled with the right things as well as the wrong things. Some people think that only benefit from internet. Since we use the internet only for getting information and for entertainment only.

But do you know that in today's time, 80% of the world's black market is running from the internet itself. Today on the internet, more people do black business. Hopefully you must have understood that internet is not used only for good works.

Yes, if you want, you can also use the internet for the right things. You can also earn money from the internet in the right way.

In this post, we are going to talk about satta matta matka. satta king or satta matka is a type of gambling which was started in the 1950s just after independence in Bharb. Next we are going to tell you about it in full details.

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As I have also told you above that matka satta or sattamataka143 There is a type of gambling that started in the 1950s just after independence in India. This game was a complete lottery game. It evolved over time. In the beginning, its name went to “Matka”. Matka's business became very popular in the 1980s and 1990s.

In the 90s, there was a turnover of about 500 crores every month in Mumbai. After that matka migrated to different areas. People started betting in lottery or in cricket matches. It was started by a person named Ratan Khatri.

The betting business is still very large in our country. Since today is the era of internet, so people bet on the internet. For this, you will also find many websites on the Internet that do the business of betting.

Many people still play this in India. Its player gradually gets addicted to it, which makes it very difficult for them to get rid of it. Earlier people used to play it for entertainment but gradually its form changed. Today most people use it for gambling.

Actually, when people play it, sometimes they earn more in less time. But this is not always the case. When someone wins a huge amount once, he gets addicted to it. Which makes it very difficult to get rid of.

As you all may know that this is a gambling and gambling is considered illegal in our country. Therefore, in our country, if caught playing Satta Matka or any other type of gambling, then the police can arrest you and there can be a very strict punishment for this.

In today's time people play it through internet. For this, there are many websites in your country. You can also guess about the popularity of this game from the fact that every day 10 million to 1 crore people search about it in google. Now you must have understood that how much its craze has become in people today. I am telling you the list of few words, which people search for.

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In today's time, online satta is applied. There are many websites for this. In which satta is applied every day. At present there are more than 500 matka markets in our country. Where millions of people gamble every day.

The modern day matka gambling / betting king is based on random number selection and betting. Players participating in this game are required to choose the correct number to win the game. The player who wins the game becomes the satta king and is rewarded financially.

To play this game it is very important to have good knowledge of mathematics and good ability to think and understand, as well as good luck.
Playing this game is very easy. You may find it a bit difficult to understand such, but practically, you will find it very easy. Nevertheless, we try to explain you in simple terms.

The game as we know it is solely on selecting a number and then investing your money on it. In this game a person has to first select a number or guess and then on that number, that person according to his or her own wishes, that is, their money.

If the number spoken by that person comes, then he wins the game, he gets his money back, as well as the money of the people whose numbers are wrong and the people he wins. In this way he wins a hefty amount in a very short time. But if his number is wrong, then he forgets to forget the money he has planted.

In this game, sometimes you can become the owner of millions even with less money, but if you have lakhs of rupees together, then it will go on emptying the pockets.

The character of Premnath in the Dharmatma film was based on the speculative Khatri. The craze of betting is still very much. Especially when cricket happens, people apply satta. In Satta, many websites and apps have been made for people to make their claim easily.

Nowadays people play this gambling on the internet, yes. And the result is announced on the internet itself. People to know their score Satta Matka Kalyan Chart lets see.

Some words that are used to play Satta Matka.

  1. Matka: The word Matka means “clay pot”. In this game it is used to draw numbers.
  2. Single: It means a number between 0 and 9.
  3. Jodi / Pair: Any pair of double digits between 00 and 99
  4. Patti / Panna: The result of three digits comes as a result of betting. All three-digit numbers are emeralds.
  5. Open Result / Close Result: The result of betting is divided into two parts – the first part is open and the second is close.
  6. Cycle Patti: The last two digits of the bandage are called cycle strips or CPs. For example, if the box is 125, the cycle bar will be 25.
  7. Berji: This is the last digit of the pair's sum. For example, if the pair is 76, 7 + 6 = 13. The last digit is 3, then berji will be 3.
  8. SP / DP / TP: Single Patti: like 123; Double Patti: like 112; Triple Patti: Like 111

Gambling in India is illegal since the British Government enacted the Public Gambling Act in 1867. Since Satta Matka is also a gamble, the Indian government is also prohibiting it. In delhi, the police has arrested many people for this.

The police can arrest you if you are seen betting or playing any gambling. For this, you can also be punished for up to 6 months. With this you can also fill the fine.

Satta Matka addiction is a very bad addiction which can destroy not only you but your entire family. First you will start playing it just for fun but slowly you will start getting addicted to it. It will be very difficult to get rid of you later. You will not be able to get rid of your addiction even if you want to.

When you win in gambling, you will feel very good. You will also do well at home. But if you lose, you will automatically become a victim of dipression. You will also start getting away from your family. It can also spoil the life of your family with you.

So get away from it as soon as possible. If you care about your family, always try to stay away from this kind of gambling.
If you are addicted to it and you want to get rid of it, then the best way to do this is to keep yourself busy with other things. That is, keep doing some work. If time still remains, then spend it with your family.

-: Disclaimer: –

This post has been published for the purpose of information only about educational and illegal activities. We do not in any way encourage betting / gambling or similar illegal activities.


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