What is Snapchat app and how to use Snapchat app Reviews

Friends, we're going to talk in today's post Snapchat app Because about Snapchat has b.ine very famous Android Apps in today's time, it can be gauged from the fact that from Bollywood to big celebrities use it and also share their videos publicly.

Today's article is going to be very special for those people who have a passion for clicking their selfie and video and also share their picture with people.

But many people do not know much about snapchat yet and those who know about snapchat do not know how to use it.inpletely or in this article we will give you this app Are going to give a full review so that you will know that What is Snapchat and how it can be used

Review of snapchat and how to use

Today you are going to get the answer of all such questions in this post, after reading this post.inpletely, there will be nothing in the snapchat app that you will not know, so if you want to know everything about Snapchat then this Read the post carefully

Snapchat kya hai-what is Snapchat and how to use

Friends first of all know that after all what is snapchat Actually snapchat is also a social network platform the way Facebook, , WhatsApp,Youtube, instagram etc. Every social networking platform has its own identity, every social networking media is used in different ways, in the same way you can share photo and video on snapchat app.

But it is.inpletely different from the rest of the social networking site because the photo and video you share in it has a time period and after that time period the photo and video is automatically deleted.

Let us tell you that this social networking app was introduced in 2011, in which the facility to share photos and videos is given, as well as options are given to edit and filter it after clicking the photo.

To make the same video more fun, there are many options in it, so that any video can be made funny and entertainment.This app can be used for both Android and iOS devices.

The process that you share photos and videos in Snapchat snap story It is said that the special thing of this app is that the photos and videos you share in it disappear automatically after 24 hours.

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Snapchat kam kese krta hai-how to work snap chat

As we told you that snapchat is also like other social networking apps, to use it first you have to download it from the Play Store. This app has been downloaded by more than 500 million people so far and its star rate 4.1 is

Reviews snapchat and use hindi

After installing this app, you have to login in it, for that you have to provide a Gmail ID and phone number, after that you have to enter your unique user name, after entering all the information, your Snapchat account is created.

Review snapchat and use hindi

As soon as you enter snapchat, you see some such interface which is shown in the screen, there is a button to click a photo in the middle and chat option is given in its right side. You can add your friend by clicking on it, and on the lift side of it, the option of the story is given, by clicking on which you can share any of your stories.

Sanpchat Rules

1. The limit to record video in snapchat is given 10 second, only 10 second video can be shared with your friend.

2. Your friend can see the photo and video sent by you for only 10 seconds after that it is automatically deleted, although you can take a screen shot of it and your friend will also be aware of it.

3. In this, you have to reply to the message within 24 hours or else the message disappears on its own.

4. In Snapchat you can do live chatting without sending any message, which is quite a good thing.

Snap chat paid hai ya free

This app is absolutely free for this, you do not have to pay any money, you can download it from its official website and install it or you can install it from the direct play store too.

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Now this question may be arising in your mind snapchat Anyone can use Snapchat absolutely yes anyone can use snapchat. This is a photo and video sharing app like you can connect with your friend through WhatsApp and Facebook.

Similarly, with the help of this, you can connect with your friends, the funny thing of snapchat is that you can take selfie in it as well as Photo editing and Filter and you can save that photo in your gallery or else Direct can share your friend

I hope you now understand that What is snapchat and how does it work If you like our article, then share it and let everyone know.


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