What is MPL Game? How to download and use MPL

We love playing games on mobile and whenever we are free we often start playing games on mobile, we play games for hours every day, but do you know you You can earn money by playing MPL Game on mobile.

A lot of people waste a lot of their time playing mobile games, which only pass our time and we are able to entertain, but you can earn money along with playing MPL games if you want.

By doing this your entertainment increases more and you don't even feel boredom while playing the game because the more you play in MPL Game, the more money you earn.

So if you are fond of playing mobile games then you What is MPL Game and how to download and use MPL App It should be known.

What is MPL Game

If you are thinking that this Dream11 As the app is, you are totally wrong because it is.inpletely different from dream11 and you get to play many mobile games in it and also you can play a team like dream 11 in it.

First of all, let us tell you that MPL Full Form means Mobile Premier League. This is an app where you can earn money by playing games.

often Youtube channel And on TV channels, you get to see its advertisements and its brand ambassador is Virat Kohli, who looks like promoting you.

There are many mobile games of your choice in this app, which you play in your daily life but you are not able to earn money, which only spoils your time.

Therefore, the MPL Game App has been created so that people who are fond of playing mobile games can earn money along with playing the game.

It is also very easy to access the money won in MPL Game in your account. Paytm App, UPI And banks can also transfer.

How to download MPL Game App

After downloading and installing the MPL App, you get 20 rupees and 40 tokens, which you can play MPL Game without investing your money! Our Refer Code for you "N6ZRJNNQ" Have to use

If you download and install this without using Refer code, then you get nothing and then you have to put your money to play MPL game, so use Refer Code "N6ZRJNNQ".

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Method-1. MPL App Download By Google Play Store

Step- 1 First download the MPL Game from Google Play Store or click on the button below.

Step- 2 Now click on "DO YOU HAVE A CODE".

Step- 3 Now Refer Code "N6ZRJNNQ" And submit the mobile number and now your MPL account has been created.

Method-2. MPL App Download By Website

If you do not find MPL App in Google Play Store, then you can use this method and download MPL App from MPL Game website.

Step- 1 First of all you go to the MPL Game website or then Mpl game download Click on it

Step- 2 As soon as you go to the website, you have to click on the MPL Game Downlaod button and the MPL App will be downloaded.

Step- 3 Now install this MPL App.

MPL Game App Download

Step- 4 Now click on "DO YOU HAVE A CODE".

Step- 5 Now submit the Refer Code by entering "N6ZRJNNQ" and mobile number and now your MPL Account has been created.

How to play MPL Game

MPL Game is very easy to play and its interface is very simple which you can use it easily. As soon as you open it, you see all the MPL games on the home page like-

-Run Out
-Fruit chop
-Puma Cricket
-Maze Up
-Monster Truck
-Ice Jump
-Fruit slice
-Space Breaker
-Runner No.1
-Fruit Dart
-Build Up
-Bubble Shooter
-Go Ride
-Can Jump
-Shoot Out
-Basket ball

Now select whatever game you want to play and after that you have to put some tokens or money to play the game and the automatic ones keep cutting from your account and join you won.

All game
As soon as you go to the home page, that option is All Game, from where you can see and play all the games played in MPL Game.

Super team
This is the second option where you can play your team like Dream11 App and earn money.

Chat & Game
This is the third option from where you can talk with all the MPL playing friends save in your mobile.

After clicking this button, a list of players who play MPL Game is ranked top and how much money they have won is also seen.

This is the last option where you can check your profile and balance and you get to see many options in it.

How to earn money from MPL Game

The only way to earn money from MPL Game is to win and earn games! As we have told you that in this you get to play a lot of games.

You have to select the MPL game of your choice and after that you have to put some tokens or money to play the game.

Now the better you perform in the game, the better you get rank and then according to that rank you get paid

Since the MPL game has b.ine very popular, so many people play at the same time and they all get paid according to the rank.

How to transfer money from MPL Game

You can easily deposit the money won in MPL App in your bank or digital wallet, for this, you are given three types of options in it.

Paytm App
If you use Paytm, you can transfer the money won in MPL to Paytm and then use those money.

This is another method whose full name is Unified Payments Interface. If you use a digital wallet, then you get UPI ID in it like Google Pay, Bhim And so on.

Bank transfer
This is the third method which is very easy, for this you have to simply put your bank data and the money will.ine directly into your bank account.

So overall if you are fond of playing games in free time, then you should play MPL game which you can earn some money along with entertainment.

So friends, I hope you now understand that What is MPL Game and how to use it If you still face any problem then.inment us.

If you like this article of ours then definitely do it with your friends Share Those who are fond of playing games can also earn money by playing games.


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