What is Instagram and how does it run

instagram What is it and how to run it, if this question is also arising in your mind, then you have reached the right place because in today's article you will Instagram Every question that arises in your mind is going to be answered.

If you are thinking that What is Instagram, how to run it and how to create an account on it So do not worry because after today this question will never arise in your mind, after reading this article, there will hardly be anything in the Instagram that you do not know, so let's do it. instagram review

what is instagram

What is meaning of instagram

First of all let's know that Instagram means What happens is Instagram is created by.inbining two words instant + camera = instagram, which you can call photo sharing, instagram is created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.

Which was first launched for iOS operating system i.e. apple in 2010 October. Then two years later, Instagram was launched for android mobile. This app is available in 33 languages.

Instagram kya hai-what is instagram

Instagram also falls under the category of social networking website like Facebook, The way of working of every social network site is different like , YouTube etc. Just like on YouTube we can share videos, similarly on Instagram we can share photos as well, on this we can share videos of 1-2 minutes. Can.

To connect with someone on Instagram, they have to follow it, for that the Follow button is given and you can set it according to your wish, in which who can follow you and who cannot, their privacy can be private or public.

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On Instagram too, you can connect with your friend like Facebook and can do chating but you can not do live video chatting like Facebook, it is the world's most popular Photo Sharing website whose popularity is increasing day by day.

instagram par account kaise banaye

Friends, it is very easy to create an account on Instagram, for this you have to go to Google Play Store and do Installs. This app has been downloaded by 1 billions people so far, which has been given a star rate of 4.5, for this you need a phone number or An email ID is required to arrive at one time password (OTP)

instagram at hp jinjholiya

After instagram app installs, you have to simple login to it, for that you need a phone number or Gmail Account You have to login to it and after that enter a unique user name and create your Instagram account. As soon as your account is created, some such screen opens.

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instagram ka use kaise kare

As soon as you enter instagram, you see something like this scree, mainly 5 options are given in it, let's know about them.

instagram at hp jinjholiya

1. Home

At the top here, with the photo of your Profiles, the Profiles of those people you see, as well as those who upload a new photo or video, their photo and video automatically.ines here, on which you like.inments can do

2. Search

By clicking on the search button, you see the photos and videos of those people, which is quite popular and the most viewed video.

3. + icon

If you want to share a video or photo, you can share any photo or video from your gallery by clicking on the plus icon.

4. Heart icon

When you click on the heart icon as shown in the photo above, you see a list of people who follow you and the activity they do.

5. Profile

Number 5 Icon profile is given by clicking on which you can enter the information of your Profiles and here you can see the number of people who follow and the people you follow as well as how many photos and videos you have put It is also seen that you can also connect with us on instagram. Instagram To join hp_jinjholiya type kre or click on it.

I hope you now understand that instagram What happens and how it works, if you like our article, then share it and let everyone know, and if not, then tell us by.inmenting.


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