What is an ISO file? How to create an ISO file from CD / DVD

ISO File: Hello Friends, in today's article, we will know what an ISO file is and how to make an ISO file as well.

ISO File

To work on a computer or laptop, you must know about some important files that you always have to use, so that you will be able to do any work easily. Like most of the files you use are JPEG and Png files for Image, MP3 or MP4 files for Music, and for Important Files you use Zip File, just like there is an ISO File. .

Which is used to install the software in the computer. Many times you have seen that when you purchase a DVD of a new game, you get that DVD in bootable format.

Actually, the bootable DVD is made with the help of ISO File. With which you can easily play that game by installing it in your computer. Similarly, if you want to change or install the Operating System on your computer, then you need a bootable DVD.

In which a lot of files are collected and kept in one file, so that you do not need to install all the files separately. You only install one file and all the files given in that DVD are installed in your computer. is.

ISO File is a collection of many or many files as you may have seen in Zip File. For example, when you install a software from the Internet, most of the time you get Zip files which you can extract with the help of Winrar and separate all those files.

Similarly, there are ISO files in which a lot of files are saved together. ISO file is used more to make Windows or Driver and sometimes even for games ISO file is used so that all the files can be brought together and the user does not face any problem during the installation.

Recruitment to make ISO File

To create an ISO file you need two things –

01. Image Burn Software

02. Bootable Windows CD / DVD

How to Download Image Burn Software

To download Image Burn Software you go to the official website of Image Burn and there you will find old and latest updated software of Image Burn. You should download the latest version software which is available v2.5.8.0 in current.

Where you get two options Find Out and Download, you click on the Download button. Now a new page will open on your screen where you get Different Downloading Sites through which you can download Image Burn Software.

In all these options you will get an option of Download Provided by Imageburn, click on it and Image Burn Software starts downloading in your computer. After downloading, install Image Burn on your Computer / Laptop.

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How to make ISO file from CD or DVD

To create an ISO file, first of all you have to open Image Burn Software in your computer or laptop and insert the CD / DVD in your computer so that you have to make an Image File. now you “Create Image File From Disk” Click on the option.

Note: ISO File is also called Image File.

Now a new page will open in front of you, where you have to pay attention to these two options Source and Destination.

Source- From where you have to copy your file. Like DVD, on this option, this software automatically detects your CD / DVD.

Destination- The place where you want to save your file. Like suppose you create a new Folder on Desktop and want to save your Image File in that Folder. In this condition you have to first select Desktop and then select your New Folder.

Similarly, you can select a Drive or Folder in which you have to save your Image File.

Now you have to start copying the image file from CD / DVD, for which you get a button of “Read”, you click on the button of that read which will start the image file from your CD / DVD to be your computer.

Note: This process also takes a little time, so you wait and as soon as your file is completely copied you will get a notification and you can leave your CD / DVD out of the computer.

How to download ISO file

Now, if you do not have a CD or DVD of Window then in this condition you can download Windows from the Internet.

For which File Hippo, Getintopc, Softnic etc. Websites are available You can download Windows by visiting these websites.

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In Conclusion

After reading this entire article, you must have understood completely that how you can create ISO file, for which software you may need and how you can download ISO file.

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