What is 3d hologram technology in hindi – what is 3d hologram technology

Through 3D hologram technology, more than a hundred places around the country were simultaneously addressed to an election rally (Rally) or through 3D hologram technology for a film (Film promotion) Preparations were made for campaigning, so what is this 3D hologram technique which has created a boom across the country. Big leaders and actors are using it for their respective promotions, what is so special about this 3D hologram technique, how this technology works, if this technique in your mind (Technique) To know if the worm is getting disturbed, then calm the worms and read further –

In this technique there is a confluence of two techniques 3D and Hologram When these two tremendous techniques combine, then 3D hologram is created, or The technique that deceives your eyes, this technology which has been confined to films for some time, has now come to us in reality and is also making rapid progress in its initial stages, be it election speech, film promotion or interview all This technique is being used successfully in this place, this technique can be used to talk live face to face to any person sitting far away, as if it is actually in front of you. You must have heard the teleport so that it can reach its actual form from place to place in a few seconds, but this technology is a little different from teleport, the difference between teleportation and 3D hologram is used in some computer. The cut is the same as the cut and copy, as the text gets removed from its place on cutting and wherever we paste it goes to the same place. In teleportation, a physical object or human body is completely removed from one place and sent to another location, and the 3D hologram technique works like a computer's copy function where a virtual 3D image of any object or human body is created. Goes and can be shown at many places simultaneously and Prime Minister Narendra Modi used his election campaign a lot, Programmed for success.

three-dimensional holography is used in a transparent colored light technology, which is designed to throw or through the projector. In this technique, the light or light emanating from the human being or any object is recorded by the niyam cameras and the recorded video, when played by a 3D projector, appears as if it were at the time of recording. . These pictures and videos look exactly like you are watching a real object or human from close to or in front of you.

There are many researches going on in the field of hologram technology, this technology is called smart phone in future. In, it can be done in providing health related services like 3D hologram X-ray or medical services like scanning, ultrasound, etc. 3D hologram technology can be used in many other areas as well, it will probably be revolutionary in television, in which hologram display can be used, in future 3D hologram phones and computers can also be in front of you. Time will tell where this technology will develop.

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