Underwater diving with Google.

Have you ever diving under water, if not, then get ready, don't you know how to swim, no matter what, we will make you go underwater without diving in the world's deepest ditch underwater in the Great Barrier Reef, how Let us know –

Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral wall in the world, which is mostly under the sea, millions of tourists underwater diving every year. Received hobbies come to completion, Prjatiyo some rare fish Here Duniyo also be found, which are the main attraction herein, but sitting at home in the Great Barrier Reef Anderwatr diving (Underwater diving) how it is possible. This has become possible with Google Street, now you will say that Google Street only shows roads and cities. When did it go under water? You are right to say that Google Street was limited to only roads before, but now Google is breaking its own boundaries, the journey started from Google Earth, through roads, houses, buildings, cities, now submerge even under water. Is applying and helping you get to know some of the rare places of the world more closely.

How did Google do Underwater diving in the Great Barrier Reef?

You must know the miraculous camera of Google Street, which made Google's street project possible. This camera was made wartproof by Google, then a skilled diver was thrown into the water, so that this amazing world of water came out in front of you. Google Street gives the real experience of walking the Great Barrier Reef and can be seen anywhere in the sea by walking 360 degrees. The sunlight on the surface of the water above, the colorful fish inside the water thrills the mind. People who are afraid of deep water can also enjoy it.

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