Trick to chat without internet.

By now you must have chat with your friends from any chatting program like Facebook, Whatsapp or Line but you know that chatting can be done without internet and that too without any softwere only command prompt It can happen with the help of, but within a network. For this you have to follow some steps –

First you have to paste this code by opening Notped

@ echo off
: A
set / pn = UserIP :
set / pm = Message:
net send% n%% m%
Goto A

Now save this file, but keep in mind when saving this file, Whatever file name you give, be sure to put .bat behind it. For example, save as MYMESSENGER.bat.

Now open this file, where UserIP will be written, write your friend's IP, and enter, now enter your message by typing in your message and your message will reach your friend.

But ………………………… there is a problem, people who do not know their IP address, how to do it Find out, very easy, open the run command in Windows XP and type CMD in the search command of the Start button in Windows 7, or enter it directly by opening the command prompt and typing ipconfig. This will let you know your IP address.

But ………………………… if you want to find out which IP addresses are connected to your network If ……………………… this is also very easy, just open the command prompt and enter by typing arp -a, then it will You will get to know how many systems are connected to your network, and their IP address will be known. With which you can easily check with them.


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