Travel to the Internet time machine.

Time Machine means in time, is it possible, if not in real life, yet, but maybe in the world of internet, there is a place on the internet, from which you can find any website in its old form You can see and use it too, isn't it funny, the name of this site is here 368 billion sites have recorded old snapshots of pages, what have you in the website since the beginning of the website B You are able to see this –

Image –
For example, how Google looked like on 11 November 1998, you can see it by clicking here and you You can also find the URL of Google, in November 1998, the URL of Google was, it is actually a very interesting website –

Here is a list of old links of some popular sites. Is made, see at once,

If you also want to check your site or blog in this time machine, then click here and go to this site and check, it will be a great experience for you.

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