[#Top Tips] Google SERPs Me Apne Blog Ko Sabse Top Par Kaise Laye.

Submitting just to Google webmaster tool is not enough to get the site indexed on Google. To get good ranking in Google's SERP, we have to follow Google's rules. So that our blog is indexed at the top in Google SERPs and the content of our blog is indexed fast. In this post, we are telling you some tips, so that you can make your blog top in Google SERPs.

[#Top Tips]    Google SERPs Me Apne Blog Ko Sabse Top Par Kaise Laye. 1

How hard we submit our blog in Google Console and keep updating posts in our blog. So that we are indexed in the first position in Google. But even after working so hard, what to do if our blog is not in good ranking in Google !!!
Actually, all the blogger wants that his blog should be in the best rank in Google, due to which all blogger better follow SEO. But if we have to leave all the blogs behind and move forward, for this we will have to work hard on them. If he uses 1000 words in his blog post, then we have to use 2000 words. Similarly, in everything we have to be ahead of them, only then our blog will be the first index in our Google SERPs.

There are so many bloggers who work too hard in starting and when they don't have much success in success, then they quit blogging. Whatever my brothers do, I would like to say to them that “the drop fills with a drop.” For example: There was a time when I used to ask for help from anyone and even today when I have a big problem I take help from my expert blogger. In this world, one person needs another person. I mean that if you need the help of another now, then one day there will come when the other will need your help. That is why if you choose the path of blogging, then never leave it. I wish that if you do not leave the path of blogging then one day it will come that you will get success.

In this post, we are going to talk about how to bring your blog to the top in Google SERPs (search engine result page). We are telling you some tips below, which if you follow, you can increase the ranking of your blog in Google.

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Find Viable Keyword For Article.

High ranking keyword is the most important factor to increase the ranking of the blog. If a blogger uses high rank keywords for his blog post, then his blog is at the top of the search engine. Because high rank keyword means which words are searched the most in Google. If we use more words in Google, if we use it in our post, then when someone searches that word in Google, then our post will also be indexed there.
Google Adwords is the best and free tool to search for high rank keyword. For this, I have also written a post, “How to check Keyword Rank in Google Adwords.” By reading this, you can find out which word rank is in Google. The words whose rank will be good, you can use it in the first and last paragraph of your post. Apart from this, you can also use post title, subtitle, URL structure.

Write Unique & SEO Optimized Post:

Optimizing blog posts is very important. By optimizing it well, we can bring our post to the top in Google. Post written for your readers and try to give complete information on the topic on which the post is writing. When readers like your post, then the search engine will also like it. That's why write unique posts and always use 1000+ words in the post.
It is also necessary to optimize SEO in the post. Only then our post stays on the top in a search engine like Google. Also share your experience in the post, so that your readers understand it well and this will make your post unique. If you write a unique i.e. 1000+ words post, then there will be a 90% chance that your post will get a good response in the search engine. I am telling you some tips below, so that you can optimize SEO in your post.

  1. Use keywords in the first and last paragraph, title of the post.
  2. Use the heading and sub-heading in the post.
  3. The title of the post must be unique.
  4. You can also use the keyword in the post heading air sub-heading.
  5. Use the keyword in the alt tag of the post image.
  6. It is very important to do internal link in post. That's why add time old post while writing post.
  7. Always in external link rel = 'nofollow' Use the attribute of. If you do not use nofollow in external link then your blog can get plenty from Google.

Submit Your Blog on Google Console:

Submitting a blog to the Google console is very important. Only when you submit your blog in Google console, Google will index your blog correctly. Even when we do not submit our blog in Google console, our blog is indexed in Google. But this allows googlebot not to index all the posts, pages, images of our blog. After submitting the blog in google console, our blog name gets included in Googlebot's list and googlebot indexes all the URLs of our blog.
After submitting the blog to Google console, we have to add sitemap to GWT. It is very important to add it too. Because it contains a link to all the posts, pages, images of our blog. When we submit a sitemap in Google webmaster tool, GWT scans our sitemap and receives notification of post from there.

Make Your Blog Simple and Mobile Responsive.

You must know that earlier we used to do work in computer. Now we do that work easily through mobile as well. Earlier officers used to carry laptops with them, but nowadays they carry a smart phone along with them. Google launched Android and now Android is the most popular smart phone in the whole world. There are many applications for Android phone, which you can download from Playstore. In recent times, you can manage your blog from android phone too.
Right now about 60% people use internet in mobile only. Google has also announced that the site which is not mobile friendly, will not get good ranking in Google. That is why if you want to bring your blog to the first position in google, then it is very important for your blog to be mobile responsive. Use mobile responsive template / theme to make blog mobile responsive. If you want to make your blog fast loading, then for this I will say that your blog should be simple design.

Promote Your Blog and Content:

It is very important to promote the blog. When you promote your blog, both the popularity and ranking of your blog in Google will increase. Because Google ranking is a big factor of blog popularity, that is, while giving Google ranking it also counts how much your blog's popularity. When you promote your blog, the popularity of your blog will increase. When the popularity of your blog increases, the ranking will also increase.
There are many ways to promote a blog online. But social media is the best way to promote a blog. Whenever you update a new post in a blog, share it in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Pinterest. Apart from this, submit the post in the article directory as well. Creating dofollow backlink is very important to increase the popularity of the blog.


By following all these methods, you can bring your blog first position in Google. The tips we have told you above, this is the best way to bring the blog to the top in Google. Apart from this, there are some points, but the most important points which we have mentioned above.

I hope that you liked this post and you can bring your blog to the best rank in Google by following the tips mentioned in this post. If you have any question related to this post, then comment. Do share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and whatsapp.


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