Tinder launches Swipe Night Apocalyptic Video Game, where it will be fun to spend just five minutes!

If you are single and looking for a life partner, then Tinder App will help you in this work. Tinder is an Online Dating App. In September, Tinder revealed plans to launch an Apocalyptic game and the game has been officially launched on 6 October. Tinder’s Apocalyptic Video Game is a five-minute video game in which users will choose who they will match with at the end of the game's journey. The game will begin this weekend and will be live on the Tinder app from 6 pm to midnight every Sunday.

All this will be in Tinder’s Swipe Night, which is an Adventure Video Game. Tinder will present this game as a party. This will be a game where all your friends gather to party. In which he will be drinking, dancing and trying to have fun at the party. Where all friends can meet each other. If you open Tinder during swipe night time, then a big button of START Now will appear, click on it.

In the game you will be the main character and you are going to a party at night at your friend Molly's house. When you get there, she responds to her door in an all-black outfit with neon green piping. Her dog is dressed in the same way and here you will face your first decision: here you compliment Molly Can or can insult him. Whatever decision you take will be taken by swiping Left or Right.

Once you finish the game, a popup will appear on Tinder's profile and Tinder will show the options that users have created in the game. Once you match the partner, you can ask them, what happens if you insult Molly? Or how can you insult me? Can ask about this.

Kyle Miller, lead Tinder product, hopes Tinder's Fun Video Game gives users two possible points to connect – “The first shared experience that you did the same thing and were not keen on what you chose.” “. According to Tinder's report, half of its users are (18 to 25 years old).

Karena Evans who did the music video for Drake, Nicole Delaney directed and Brandon Zuck wrote the screenplay. Miller said, “If you haven't played this Sunday's episode, you can watch the show coming on October 13.” Miller says, Swipe Knight has to give users some new way to interact, not a new way of communicating.


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