The second season of the Battle Royal game APEX LEGENDS started, now will come with new characters, weapons, new maps!

The second season of the globally famous Respon's APEX Legends game has been officially announced, with the official Reddit page of APEX reporting the upcoming season for the game. According to the information received, a lot of changes have been made within this season like new characters have been added, new weapons have been added and many more changes will be seen by the consumers while playing the game. The second season of the APEX game is expected to end by the end of October.

According to the information provided by APEX, the biggest change that has been made in this season is adding new character, this character will be named Watson and consumers will be able to buy this new character by spending 50 APEX coins or by giving 12000 Legend tokens. Apart from this, another major change has been made in the game's map, this time a place named Leviathan has also been added to the map which was not previously included in the game.

On the other hand, the rank mode has been introduced in this season which includes 6 different ranks, the consumer can start from the Bronze rank in this game and move up to the APEX Predator rank. At the end of the season all the contestants will be given ranks and according to the rank they will receive badges which they will be able to carry till the next season. The next season will determine the difficulty level for the players according to their rank and begets.

Apart from this, further changes have been made in the APEX game which is as follows, L-Star EMG has been added to the series of weapons which is capable of dropping high-damage plasma projectiles. Immunition includes a hop-up descriptor which can also cause maximum damage to the protected target, on the other hand, there are hammerpoint rounds that will be able to completely eliminate the weak target. Attachments include energy mugs that will increase the capacity and reload speed of the magazine.


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