Telegram X kya hota hai aur kaise use kre | Telegram X Review

Do you want to go Telegram x what happens. And how to use it, if you have also heard the name of telegram X but you do not yet know how to use it, after reading this post.inpletely, there will hardly be anything that you will not know about telegram X. So let's Review Telegram X

By the way, you must have heard the name of your Telegram at one time or another. This is a messaging app using which you can chat with your friends, it works exactly like whats apps. But it has many features which are different from whats apps. telegram gives each of its users a cloud storage in which the user can save their data.

Reviews of telegram x

Its special thing is that a lot of animation and stickers are given to chating in them. Its interface is given very simple which anyone can easily understand and use it.

Telegram X kya hai-What is Telegram X

So let's talk now. About telegram X This is telegram's alternative android apps, which was earlier named Challegram, now renamed Telegram X by telegram, this app is very advanced than telegram, in which you get a lot of extra features.

If you want to see your friends' messages without knowing them, you can do so in this. In this, you are also given the option to change theams, due to which you can apply the same way as you wish. Overall, you can say that this telegram is upgared, in which you get to see many different features. Now the question is arising in your mind that what is the difference between telegram and telegram X.

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Difference between Telegram and Telegram X

Like we told you that Telegram X is the upgared version which is an advanced apps. Which can emerge as one of the best messaging apps in the.ining time. In telegram you can see some limit feature, but inside telegram X you get some fearure that you will like a lot.

In this, you are given night mode, due to which you can keep the intereface of this apps accordingly. In addition, some multimedia feature has been added to Telegram, in which you get to see many new features. The special thing about Telegram X is that you can read anyone's message and the person in front will not even know that they have read his message.

Telegram X par account kaise banaye

Friends, creating an account on Telegram X is a very easy task. For this, first you have to go to Google Play Store and install. Let me tell you that this apps have been downloaded so far by more than 500 Thousand people, whose star rate 4.5 is quite good.

  Reviews of Telegram X
After this is installed, you will have to simple login to it. For this, you just have to enter your mobile number, after which one (OTP).ines to your number, after which your Telegram X account is created.

Telegram X ka Use kaise kre

Friends Telegram X is also very easy to use, its interface is given so simple that anyone can use it very easily. As soon as you login inside it, you see two options, chat and calls.

By clicking on chat you can chat with your friends and after clicking calls you can chat with your friends. In this, you can also invite your friends who are not present on telegram X.

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In this, you are given a lot of animation and strikers, which increases the fun of chatting with friends. As we told you, its interface is very easy, so you will not have problems in using it.

I hope you now understand that Telegram x What happens and how it works, if you like our article, then share it and tell it to everyone and if not, then tell us by.inmenting.


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