Telegram announced the launch of new animated stickers that consume less data and battery!

Nowadays all messaging apps are trying to give something new to their users, these apps, which started with just text messages, have now added many cool things like audio, video, GIFs, emojis and animated emojis. Emojis and GIFs always make simple conversations fun, so Telegram has also announced the addition of some animated stickers to its app, which will allow users to do something new and fun in addition to the old ways of chatting.

While Telegram announced the addition of these new stickers to its blogpost, Telegram also stated that these stickers are designed in such a way that they will consume very little data and battery. On sending these stickers, it will replace only 20-30 KB in the front phone, these stickers will be added in the upcoming 5.9 version of Telegram. Apart from this, the format of these stickers will be in Lottie.TSG format and they will play at a speed of 60 frames per second.

Whatsapp is the most used messaging app in the world but Telegram has always competed WhatsApp in terms of features. Whatsapp has a larger user base than Telegram but Telegram has always been better than WhatsApp in terms of stickers and emojis. Telegram has always brought some new updates to emojis and stickers and this animated stickers is also Telegram's new offering in this episode.

These new animated stickers of Telegram will be very easy to use, the old stickers will be able to easily send these new stickers to other Telegram users as well. For this, all they have to do while typing the message is to click on the icon of the sticker and choose the sticker of their choice from the available options and after that the stickers can be sent easily by tapping on the send button. Apart from this, users can also use the search option to get a sticker of their choice.


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