Starting a career in Blogging in Hindi – Start a career with blogging new wings.

It is said that not everyone gets the dream job, name and money, but if the job itself is made a dream… then blogging is one such platform where you can do everything that you can. If you want, just Idea in the mind, diligence in the mind and satisfaction in the heart… .. everything is possible here. Starting a career in Blogging in Hindi – Start a career with new wings blogging

Be a young man or a professional today to adopt all blogging as a career
 Is sitting ready Because everyone has heard that blogging made good money
May go. Earning money from blogging is easy as well as difficult. Blogging
Like a job, there is eight hours of work a day. But it's entirely up to you
Depends on how you manage it? You blogging in 2 days
You can earn by giving hours and you will not get anything by giving 12 hours. Blogging
But the most important thing is how effectively you write that the reader
Repeatedly come to your blog to read you. Also it is important that you
 How well are you able to market yourself? Experienced Blogger Tells
50% of article quality and 50% of your self marketing work. this
You can learn work from experience only. Nobody can teach you this.

We are discussing the points in this article that will help you in adopting blogging as a career.

Opportunities For Women – There are also opportunities for women

Housewives who always do household chores. I am busy, despite being talented, even after being busy, I keep on thinking about my career, blogging can be a boon for them, you can make a career even by staying at home and self-centered. Can be filled, today there are many women who started with a small blog and are a successful and professional blogger and earning well as well –

  1. It would be good to start that women related topics like cooking , Write on beautiips etc.
  2. Also in subjects like sewing, embroidery, rosemary and music, if you have a good catch then you can also write in it
  3. Any beginning It is not a professional but it cannot be made without starting, so be sure to start

Choose The Right Blog Topic – Choose the topic of the blog

Before creating a blog, you should choose the subject whose
You know and can write about. The subject should be such that
You can easily understand and learn new things. So that you
So that we can answer the questions and submit new articles continuously to them

When you have chosen the topic of the blog, then take full care of the following things –

  1. Only publish articles related to your chosen topic on the blog
  2. New articles related to your topic on the blog regularly Publish from
  3. Create a social profile of the blog and tell those who are interested in the blog
  4. Follow the blogs that write only on the subject on which you are writing

Become The Cen ter of Attention – Become a center of attraction among people

when you start a new blog
So without hesitating in other blogs, forums and social media groups
Register Attendance Keep in mind that you are only about your articles
Talk Ignore the other person's article. When you are towards others
They will be attracted towards you only when they have a sense of help. Given below
Take care of things –

  1. Join other forums and social groups
  2. Write logical comments on blog posts
  3. Befriend people on social sites to gather new readers
  4. More popular blogs and sites than you Share content on social sites

Write High-Quality For Your Blog – Pay special attention to the quality of articles and published content

The main center of attraction in the article is the article and the material published on it. She
 Should be simple, clear and of high quality. Other popular than
Your rage in front of blogs. Which would have impressed the readers a lot
Huh. Along with this, below to keep the readers on your blog
Pay full attention to the things –

  1. Always teach the readers something new
  2. Take full care of the interest of the readers
  3. Keep the readers engaged in an activity

Start With Guest Blogging – Publish articles on other blogs as well. Free)

Hindi blogs
People hesitate to publish articles on other blogs. They don't want
Is that their hard work takes someone else's blog to golden heights overnight
Go As of now, his blog is incomplete. But not so, some bloggers
Selflessly writes articles on other blogs so that they can identify themselves
There is full opportunity to make. Also get traffic to your blog.

Thus, when publishing articles on other blogs, pay full attention to the following things –

  1. Please provide your blog address in the article
  2. Do not let your article be publicized as
  3. article Give your brief introduction at the end of

Making money from your website using advertising – Make the right thinking about earning from advertising

Most of the earning in blog world
 Simple means advertising is understood. Advertise and make money. do while
Absolutely not. Your income is not earned just by showing ads
Clicks should also come. Clicks whose price per click is maximum.
CPC of only $ 0.12 on ads appearing on Hindi blogs
Comes. But most of the time a click costs a CPC of 0.04. so you
Understand how many clicks are on your ads when you have a good income
Can. The man on the blog is directly related to the traffic of the blog.
The more readers there are, the more clicks are likely. Therefore
Do not place any superstitions about advertising.

Take technical information and assistance – Do not hesitate to seek technical information / assistance

It is very important to know about blog writing as well as its technical side, because no one would want to do so much by him. You should seek help from a good blog expert for this hard work. There are thousands of sites and blogs on the internet about the technical know-how of blogging, but technology watcher blog which has been solving all the problems of bloggers since the year 2009, but you have every kind of information related to blogging. It will be found clearly and that too in Hindi, as well as complete technical serpent related to the blog. If you are really serious about blogging, then tech watcher can prove to be a boon for you.

Lastly –

To adopt blogging as a career
It is essential that you do your marketing effectively and your chosen
Write the best in the subject. So write a meaningful article keeping your thinking positive and
Take care of everyone from the common man to the special person and India by blogging best
Be proud of. teg-
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