Sony has now reduced streaming game services in half, cutting their PlayStation prices!

As soon as Google's cloud-based gaming service Stadia was announced, Sony also announced a price cut for its streaming games service PlayStation. Earlier it was priced at $ 19.99, for PlayStation Now Cost users would be reduced to only $ 9.99.

The price is the same as Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and Google Stadia Pro which is scheduled to arrive in November. Quarterly subscriptions are now reduced from $ 45 to $ 25 for Sony PlayStation, and annual subscriptions have been reduced from $ 100 to $ 60.

Sony announced in a statement announcing new prices for its streaming service, stating that "Sony is the first and only console game subscription service to use cloud technology to deliver the game's unprecedented breadth through streaming and downloading".

Now in this, we have to see how Sony is able to hold on even after the release of Microsoft's xCloud and Google's Stadia. In a lot of news about cloud-based game streaming, EA announced plans to launch its own cloud streaming service called Project Atlas.

Users with EA Origin or Access Account can sign up and enrol in technical testing for under-development service. A limited number of players have been selected for this test, who will have the facility to play games such as FIFA 19, Titanfall 2, Need for Speed ​​Rivals, and Unravel.


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