See Google Assistant first time in Reliance Jio phone

If you use Reliance Jio phone or are thinking about buying Jio phone then it is very important for you to know that Google has given its special feature in Jio phone Google Assistant first time Has announced to give, tell you that this feature has not yet.ine in any phone, Google has announced to give its voice Google Assistant feature in Reliance Jio phone

Google Assistant told at Google For India Event will be made available in the first time live phone and this software of Google will do all kinds of search results, music player, tax sending and voice calling, but no information has been given yet. How long will it.ine in Reliance Jio phone

Let us tell you that a digital voice assistant is already present in the Reliance Jio phone, but now the Google assistant feature has also been added to it, making this smart phone even smarter.

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Through Google Assistant, you can do all the work of the phone through voice.inmand, whether you have to play a music or send a message or a phone call, in this way you can do all the work through Google assistant feature.

Google Assistant feature first time

The first time a phone has been made available is the Jio phone, which was launched on July 21, which was given to you free of cost by the.inpany after depositing Rs 1500.It is a sim phone with 2.4 inch display with 512 MB and 4 GB Internal memory is also given. The battery of Reliance Jio phone is 2000 mAh.

One thing is very clear that Google has made this update keeping India in mind, now it remains to be seen how successful this Google Assistant is in India.

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