Rakshabandhan Wishing Script for Whatsapp Free Download in Hindi

Rakshabandhan Wishing Script: Hello Friend’s In this article of today, we have brought for you “Rakshabandhan Wishing Script for Whatsapp” You can download this script for free by clicking on the Download button below.

Rakshabandhan Wishing Script

Friends, as you all know that today there is a lot of Demand of Wishing Script on the Internet and everyone wants to get these scripts, so if you are also looking for Rakshabandhan Wishing Script then this article is for you only.

In this article, we have brought you Rakshabandhan Wishing Script Advanced, we have used Advanced Word because it is not at all like Script Normal Wishing Script, here you get Time, Video and Finger Print Scanner together.

Till now this Paid was available on Script Internet but now you can download it absolutely free. We give some basic information to those who do not know about Wishing Script.

Raksha Bandhan Wishing Script 2019 Free Download for Blogger

What is wishing script

Through Wishing Script, you can create a blog to give it a very attractive look, but if you want to earn money from it, then it is similar to Event Blogging for you, like in Event Blogging we can do an Event Let's target, create a blog and viral it on the Internet so that we can get good earning.

If you want to do this work through Whatsapp Share and Facebook Share, then Wishing Script is a better option for you.

Because in this you only have to install one script on your blog and place your Adsense Ad Codes in it so that when people open that script / link then your ads will open there and your earning will be done.

Today this method is very popular and millions of people are using this method. You can also make good money by using this method.

What is unique about Rakshabandhan Wishing Script

Now let's talk about this Rakshabandhan Wishing Script, there are some things in this script like Advance, you get both Whatsapp Share and Facebook Share options in this script. The advantage of this is that some people are not available on Whatsapp or do not like to use, then they can use Facebook Share Feature.

Along with this, you also get Finger Print Scanner in this script, so that this script becomes very Advance Looking, besides here you also get a video which along with providing very interesting look, on your ads. Watchtime also increases.

Because those who open this script will surely watch the video as well, so you can earn good money by using it.

How to download Rakshabandhan Wishing Script

Now to download the Rakshabandhan Wishing Script, we have placed the Download Button below, you click on it and a page of Google Drive will be open in the New Tab, in this page you get a Button of Download, but you get the Button of that download. You can download this script by clicking on it.

How to Customize Rakshabandhan Wishing Script

Now let's talk about customizing Rakshabandhan Wishing Script, to customize this script you first install Notepad ++ in your computer or laptop and right mouse click on this script, now a List will open in front of you In which you will get an option of Open with Notepad ++, you click on it and this script will be opened in your computer, now you have to change two things in this script, 1. Website Address and 2. Ads Code

01. Website Address

First of all, press Ctrl + C from the keyboard, so that a search box will open on your screen, now you search https://rakshabandhanrs.blogspot.com/, then you will find this web address in this script, you will find it in your Blog Address Change from and click on the button of Save.

The button of Save As is found in the top menu, you click on the menu and a list will open in front of you, in which you get two options Save and Save As, you only have to click on the button of Save or you can Ctrl from the keyboard. You can also press + S Button.

02. Ads Code

We have removed the Adsense Code from this script and replaced <——–Google Adsense——-> Have written, you press Ctrl + F Button again and search by typing Google Adsense in the search bar, now you will find this code in front of you, select it and replace it with your Adsense Ad Code and save it.

You have to change this Ad Code in some 4 places, after this you upload this code on Blogger and your Rakshabandhan Wishing Script Blog is ready now, you should share your link more and make more money.

Video Tutorial of Rakshabandhan Wishing Script

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