Queries aur Keywords Main Kya Difference Hain?

Queries vs Keywords

Are you also confused about Queries and Keywords?

Do you also want to understand the difference between the two?

In this article, we will understand the difference between Queries and keyword.

There are many bloggers who neither understand the difference between Queries and keywords nor understand the other. We have seen that most people consider Queries and Keywords the same. But it is not so, there is a lot of difference between the two.

Today we will discuss about the difference between queries and keywords.

What is Queries in Search Engine Optimization?

Queries are words related to the user which the user uses. When an Internet user goes to the web and uses the words he uses to search for the things he needs, we call him Queries. As if an internet user was online blue jeans If you want to buy, then you will go to the web and search these types of words.


Despite being an internet marketer or blogger, it is very difficult to find out which user will search using which query. So user's Keyword is used to know the query. You can find the query through Keyword.

What is a Keyword?

Keyword is a word that tells the search engine that What is your content about? Keyword is a specific word that users see on the web.

As an example, assume that a user Blue jeans If you want to know about, then we can call that Blue Jeans a Keyword. Being a marketer and blogger, you should focus on what the user searches by typing what.

Now you can say in general that Query is related to user and Keyword is related to internet marketer and blogger. If you are an internet marketer, then you should be careful about both things because if you optimize Query and Keyword in your content in a good way, then you will get a good result.

Query vs Keyword?

As you mentioned above,

  • Users use Queries.
  • Keyword is used by the marketer.

In this way, we can say that the user does not know which keyword he is searching. And they do not even know which keyword the marketer has targeted. In a simple way, they search only what they need.

This is a happy thing in this situation, no marketer wants that the user direct search their product. Every marketer uses queries and keywords to promote his product. That's why marketers know all queries to find the keyword.

In this way we can say

Query: What do users type in the search engine?
Keyword: What do Marketers target?

How to convert Keyword into Queries for Traffic and Profit.

Keywords are the base of SEO campaign, which we use to get rank. But Keyword is not the only reality. Keyword then tells what you want. But queries indicate what users search for.

I want to ask you one thing which type of traffic you want to get. Do you want to get traffic only or do you want to get traffic from those queries which people search on the web.

How to find Keyword from Queries

The secret of the success of all professional bloggers is that they always pay more attention to research queries rather than keywords. Therefore, you should also start researching queries from now on.

You can find out the queries of your website with the help of Google Webmaster Tool. Go to Google Webmaster Tool and click on 'Search Traffic'.

On clicking Search Traffic, a list of queries will appear in front of you. You can find the best possible keywords for your website from those queries.

Apart from this, there is a very good way to find Keyword from queries, which we call Google auto complete. When a user types something in the google search bar, then after that you start showing some suggestions related to that thing.

You can find the Keyword with that suggestions. You should not think about where these queries come from and how Google decides it.

Because it is auto complete feature which depends on popular search trends. Suppose for example in google search bar 'Popular holi' Written, after that you will see some results of that Keyword

Google Autocomplete

Once you understand what is popular in Google Query then after that you will be able to easily target queries.

Must read:

How does it work

You have 2 ways to market your product. The first is that you target the keyword and use it according to the related queries and the second research the queries and find the best keyword from those queries.

We understand this case as an example. According to the first case suppose that your Keyword 'Self Improvement' If, then its queries will be like this

  • Self Improvement meaning
  • Self Improvement ideas
  • Self Improvement quotes
  • Self Improvement books
  • 5 great Self Improvement tips

And in other case, with the help of auto complete feature and Google Webmaster Tool, you should note down the query. Suppose some visitors "How can I develop myself" Have visited your website from Query.

So you will find some queries related to this queries like this.

  • How can I grow personally
  • How personality development can help me
  • How to improve myself online tips

This is a very good way to earn traffic and profit by finding Keyword from queries. You must use this trend.

Last word

From the above article, now you can say what is the difference between Query and Keyword. I hope that you will benefit from using 'Query and Keyword' in your content in a great way.

If you have any confusion or questions related to this post, then you can ask us. You should also tell your friends the difference between 'Query and Keyword' and share this post with your friends as well.

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