Print your e-book at home as well as save paper – How to Make Booklet Printing in PDF

If you are fond of reading an e-book, and often you get a print out of the e-book from your printer, but it does not sound like a book or a book. It turns out to be a side blank print directly on the A4 page. Which also costs a lot of pages, and the book one does not enjoy it either. Today I am going to tell you a simple way of doing such a big job that you can print your book at home, and can also save pages. In this way, you can print out any 40-page e-book in only 10 pages, which will also save the page and will also be fun to read and watch.

Print your e-book at home Also save paper – How to Make Booklet Printing in PDF

This method is for those whose book is in PDF format

Pressing the Ctrl + P button will open this print window
  • First of all your computer Adobe PDF Reader [196] 59007] Install or install. If you do not have a PDF reader. So you can download by clicking here.
  • After installing, right click on your e-book that you want to print out.
  • On right click, a menu will open, in which the option of Open with.
  • OpenVide Option will be named after many applications, in which you select Adobe PDF reader.
  • Otherwise the PDF file will automatically open in Adobe PDF Reader when inserted on the Adobe PDF Reader computer.
  • After opening the file, put 1/4 of the paper in the printer according to the e-book pages to extract the print
  • After that press the Ctrl + P button from the keyboard.
  • Pressing the Ctrl + P button will open the print window.
  • Here you will see the Booklet button in the Page Sizing & Handling option, select it with the help of a mouse.
  • Some options will appear below as soon as you select the Booklet.
  • like Booklet subset, Sheet From, Binding etc.

Note – These options are already set as defaults, they can be removed without a print, so if you are printing a booklet for the first time, do not remove these options. [19659007]

  • After all this, just click on the print button.
  • The printer will start removing the printers, do not pierce or lift them and do not watch until this entire process is over.
  • The printer will only print one side of your booklet at a time. When a site is printed, some type of message will come.

If this post works for you, then please let me know through the comment.

When a site is printed some kind of message will come

  • This message means that the pages that your printer has printed, reattach them to print in the same state as the part above, and the direction they are in.
  • Once you press the OK button by putting the printed papers in the printer again, the printer will print those papers again from another site as soon as OK is pressed.
  • Now, print the printed papers and center them and staple them.

Get your digital e-book hardcopy ready Now when you feel like, enjoy reading without light and laptop and computer.

If any of your files are typed in S Word and you want to print them out through booklet printing as well, you can download PDF addin for Word 2007 from here, so that your Word file is PDF Can be saved in Click here to download PDF addin.

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