Photos of the world’s first 5G smartphone surfaced

Here he came, who was waiting for everyone before the world 5G Smartphone The picture of Ai has.ine out and started b.ining viral. Now 4G technology is also going to be outdated soon. Where another 4G network data plans are being made cheaper everyday

first look of 5G smartphone

Among other popular brands, Qua.inm is working very fast on 5G technology. This.inpany says that this is happening due to the increasing demand and business of tech fans.

A user (Sherif Hanna) created the world's first 5G Has posted a photo of the smartphone. He shared this photo on his account.

It's hard to believe. I have the world's first 5G smartphone in my hand.Sherif hanna) On the position of marketing lead in LTE and 5G NR in Qua.inm, it is now confirmed that 5G phones are.ining soon. You can see this person's tweet

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Please tell Qua.inm Processor is the famous.inpany which will first launch its 5G handset in the market. Qua.inm is working more and faster on 5G technology and Qua.inm said that users will get the benefit of 5G data connection by 2019. Which is expected to make the 2019-20.inpany its first 5G smartphone Can present.

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