Perfect “About Us” Page Likhne Ke Liye 8 Important Tips

Today we are going to tell 10 tips for writing “About Us” page for a blog or website. If you are also the owner of a blog or website, then this post can be very helpful for you. With the help of the tips mentioned in this post, you can write about us page very easily for your blog or business website.

how to write perfect about us page kaise likhe 8 tips

About us page matters very much for any website or blog. Because it tells our visitors about us. So, the better we write about us page, the better our visitors will get to know about us.

Often, when someone visits our site and he likes our blog, the first question in his mind is, who is the owner of this blog? Who manages it? Even, when I visit a site for the first time and I find some good articles in it, then first I read its about us page.

Similarly, when a visitor visits your blog or website, some such questions also come to their mind.

  • Whose blog / website is this?
  • Who is managing the blog now?
  • Who is its founder?
  • When and why was the website made?
  • What is the story behind this?

Many other personal questions will also come to his mind. To know the answer to all these questions, he will visit your blog about that page.

If you search Google by writing “How to write about Us Page?”, Then thousands of articles will be found in it. Many big bloggers have written articles about it. Because they know that it is very important to write a good about that page, but it is not enough for everyone.

I see a lot of new bloggers that they don't give much value to that page. While its importance is very high. When we create a blog, our first job is about us, contact us, privacy and policy, etc. page has to be written. If you are not doing this, then you are making a big mistake.

In fact, I made this mistake in starting. When many people told me about the importance of that page, I wrote it. Actually, now I know its value. According to Analytics, these are the most visited pages of the blog. Still I have not updated my About us yet due to some problems.

Often new bloggers have trouble writing about that page for their blog. Because of which they are not able to write it perfectly. If you are also one of them, then worry worry. We will tell you some tips in this post, so that you can write the perfect about us page for your blog. So let's know without wasting time…

Table of Contents

1. Use Facts Not Hype:

Whenever you write about that page, at the time you should use facts to make it more attractive. If you go too long, historical, detailed, then it will bore visitors. You must also listen to the story. So it is best to find a middle ground.

For example, why should people read your blog? What will they get by visiting your blog? All these things have to be explained to you. If you provide a service, then you have to tell them that how can you solve their problem? By telling all these things, you can increase your sells by 18%.

Apart from this, you have to tell the quality of your company. It is important to tell the history of your blog a little bit. If the company has a website, then you also have to tell how your company is better than other company? So that your customers can be well satisfied.

2. Answer Some Common Questions:

What does your audience want to know about you and your blog? You have to consider all this first, only then you have to sit to write about that page. Unless you answer people's questions, people will not trust you. To build your trust, you must first know the questions of the people and answer them correctly.

Daily visitors of your blog must have asked about you or any personal questions. Try to answer some of those common questions in this page so that people will be satisfied with you.

3. Show yourself:

You must know that people will not only want to know about your blog but they also want to know about you. When someone visits your blog and they like your blog, first of all they want to know who is the owner of this blog? Who writes posts in it? Who manages it?

You have to tell about yourself in that page. For this, write a good intro about yourself and add a good photo as well. You can add it to the 2nd-3rd paragraph.

4. Tell Your story:

Often, when you read about us page of a big blog, you will see that there will also be a story in it. Often, big bloggers tell the story behind their success in this page. So that people can be more motivate.

Similarly, you too can write about your bloging journey. You do not have to go into much detail. Just you have to tell interesting points in it. So that the interest of the people remains and they enjoy reading.

5. Leave it Simple designed:

I blog to all bloggers that they design and use many scripts in their blog. Which causes the page to load very slowly. In fact, loading in many mobiles and browsers is not possible. All this is not necessary.

I would suggest you to keep it as simple as possible. Just use short paragraphs in it. It should not use showcase, or a lot of materials. Try to avoid it.

6. Add Social Profile Links:

If you have seen the About us page of our blog, then you must have seen the link to my social profiles in the bottom. It is necessary to add it so that people can connect with you easily in social media. You can add contact details and social profile link at the bottom of the page.

7. discussed make it all about you:

First of all think why do you want to write about us page? Because people get to know you and your blog better. It should not be so that when someone reads it, after reading it, there are many questions in his mind. You also have to know how the readers feel after reading this?

Do not use boring words in it. Also, try to cover all the questions related to yourself and your website. Some people leave it only by telling about themselves. Do not make such a mistake. It is important to tell about your blog and business along with you.

8. Get idea from other Popular Blogs:

This is the best way by which you can write perfect about us page for your blog. For this, you have to read about us page of some top blogs. This will give you the idea to write a very good about that page yourself.

These tips will help you to write a good about us page. We will share full guide about it in the upcoming post. So that the newbie bloggers have ease. If you have any questions related to this, then comment. Also share this post in social media.


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