Page setup in Word.

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Before extracting a print in Word, it is very important to set up the page of your document. Page setup or page setup means that the size of the document around the margin and its side or slant is anything to do in Word. First we have to make sure that we choose which page size is available with us, how much space should be left while typing, etc.

By setting up the page The procedure is as follows
If you are using Word 2007, click on the page layout tab in the image in your ribbon
Here you will find three options Margin, Orientation Size ( Options for size) etc. are given

Margin is the part of the page where typing cannot be done, it is the space left around the page, its feature from the margin menu According to the margin, you can select any margin option and if you want to give your own margin, then click on the Custom margin given below in this list. Here are the allotments like Top, Bottom, Loft, Right, where the margin is filled as convenient It is set as a blue part in the ruler bar
After this we set the Orientation if we work on the page standing If we click on Portrait and if we want to work on the page, then we select Landscape Observation

After that we go to the page size object and from there according to our requirement Generally, A4 size and Legal size papers are easily available in the market
After completing the page setup process, the document is now ready to work
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