Online Kaam Karke Ek Blogger Ne Ferrari Kaise Jeeti: Adcombo 2017

Win Ferrari - A.inbo party 2017

Have you ever thought that you can get Ferrari for your hard work?

It will be difficult for those people who have never experienced the real fun of working online and b.ining their own boss, but this is true.

This article is about my recent experience with a.inpany that is setting a benchmark in the online marketing industry.

This is the story of one such.inpany in the CPA (Cost per action) industry, which is doing well in terms of numbers. (She is making money and also showing growth)

Even more important, they know how to build.inmunity properly.

This article is a glimpse of a future which can be yours too if you will take your mind in the right direction.

AdCombo: setting benchmark in CPA Industry

Last month I was contacted by a CPA.inpany, A.inbo, Their onefor the vent that he had organized in Antalya, Turkey.

Usually I stay away from such event attending invitations, but I had interacted with them earlier on Ad: Tech, so I said yes.

He took this event to honor some of his top Affiliates and someone Organized a Ferrari California gift to a Lucky Affiliate.

Organized this 10 June 2017 in the beautiful city of Antalya, Turkey happened on. This was a two day event where all the top Affiliates and AdCombo people could meet and discuss with each other.

A.inbo Ferrari Party 2017

On the first day there was an “all white party”, meaning you can just wear white clothes.

Some pictures of the first day are given below:

All white party - A.inbo 2017 ferrari party

A.inbo invitees In White - 2017 ferrari party

Second day pool party It started with and we were all very curious about what lucky Affiliate that Ferrari will take.

pool party - A.inbo ferrari 2017

In the picture below you can see the Affiliate who won the Ferrari:

Ferrari Winner - A.inbo 2017

Affiliates - A.inbo ferrari 2017

Not only that, other top Affiliates were also rewarded, such as:

  • iPhone 7 Titanium
  • Apple MacBook Air
  • Rolex watch
  • And other wonderful things.

10 June 2017 became a winning day for AdCombo's Top Affiliates.

A.inbo Ferrari Giveaway 2017

I have seen such parties before which CPA and Affiliate.inpanies organize, but there was something different in this. He came from Turkey to attend an event, with most of his members, especially from Moscow, to give value to their team.

I interacted a bit with Constantine, who is the founder and CEO of AdCombo. He is one of the most humble and down to earth persons whom I have met till date. He told me about the vision of AdCombo's expanision and also how serious he is about the growing market of India.

Constantine AdCombo CEO

Harsh Agrawal - A.inbo ferrari party

I personally also agree that the Indian market has a lot of potentials, and that day is not far when the Indian CPA Affiliate will also bring a ferrari home.

Yet it is not a matter of India, Russia, Malaysia or any one country.

With a laptop and an internet connection, you can live a Ferrari and the heart of many people of the world.

Be the next Winner of a Ferrari

This article is not only about a Russian.inpany which is setting the benchmark of CPA or Affiliate industry.

It is also about the possiblities and hopes of working online, which can make you your own boss. Especially when the online scene has boomed and is booming to the point where everything is sold online.

This is the time to work hard and do the work with passion so that you can b.ine what you want.

It is time to imagine a bigger and better future.

It is time to understand the fact that working online is more than earning money.

You can also win a Ferrari.

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What do you think about it What do you think about the marketing strategy? Do you think that you are also a person who can put long lasting impressions on others? Share your thoughts with us through.inments.

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