On Amazon Fire TV, users will now get the services of Amazon Prime Video on YouTube and Chromecast and Android TV!

We are all very well aware of the business rivalry between Google and Amazon and both of them have seen a lot of tussle over video streaming services in the recent past. Just like Google has its own video streaming platform YouTube, Amazon has Amazon Prime, but both of them have removed their services from each other's platforms so that both of them do not make any profit from each other's services. . For this reason, Amazon Prime TV is not available on YouTube and Chromecast, Android TV on Amazon Fire TV.

But now it seems that both companies are willing to give up their ego and join hands with each other, in April this year, both Google and Amazon announced to make their services available on each other's platforms and that's why YouTube now Has been included on Fire TV and Amazon Prime Video on Chromecast. In the coming time, consumers will start getting YouTube and Amazon Prime Video services on all the devices of Amazon and Google.

Some of Amazon's exclusive products such as the Amazon Second Generation Fire TV Stick, Fire TV 4K, Fire TV Cube, Simple Version of the Fire TV Stick and the upcoming Smart TV with the upcoming Fire TV Edition will all include YouTube and all users All videos available on YouTube will also be viewable on their Amazon products.

On the other hand, all Chromecast devices of Google and Android TV of other companies that come with Chromecast support will be able to take advantage of all the services of Amazon Prime Video. Apart from this, all Chromecast Ultra users will be able to take full advantage of Amazon Prime Video's Prime Membership and also at no additional charge.


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