Now watch 2D videos in 3D.

We usually have to buy expensive 3DTV to watch 3D movies or videos which usually do not fit everyone's budget. Hardly a lot of people have seen 3D videos, but today you have information about some of the best video players that will enable you to convert and play ordinary video of computer in 3D in real time.

You will need 3D Glasses, which looks like this, there are two types of lenses in this glasses, one red and one blue, you can also make it at home Be, how will further explained. When you watch this video after wearing this goggles, you will feel like the inside of the video has come out of your computer, or TV screen.

How 3D

3D video works in two parts Made of, a red part and a blue portion, this video cannot be viewed 3D without ordinary eyes. By applying this spectacle, our right eye shows blue color and the left eye shows only red color, when the picture or video is playing on the screen, there is some difference between red color and blue color, this difference It is so short that we do not catch it, when both eyes see the same vision from two different angles, it gives us a three-dimensional impression, that is, 3D is visible, whereas it is just taciturn It's awesome.

How 3D movies, games, and wallpapers are made

The way a 3D movie or video is viewed, the same way it is filmed or made, shooting films or videos from many angles. , Then they are presented in front of you by connecting them to the computer's memory, it is really fun to see it.

Make 3D glasses at home

Click on the picture you print Take out the stick and stick it on some thick cardboard or paper, and after buying blue and red polythene (you will find it on any bookseller) from the market, replace the glasses lens with a gouge and you're done with your 3D Glasses ready. Now just click on the links below to download the 3D video player and enjoy the 3D movie or video.


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