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 tools to Unfollow non followers

Do you want to check which users are not following you back? And do you know that you can unfollow all your non-followers in a single click? So let's get to know some great tools in this post.

When you are reading the tittle of this post, then you must have got the question that why itself? How can only 140 character tweets help you reach people? How can it gain exposure for your online blog or business? Many early bloggers do not initially realize the amazing power of . is the one of the best promotional tool that has.ine in the market so that you can reach a large part of society and gain new followers for your blog.

Now different people use differently. Effective usage of further depends on many factors, such as hash-tags, retweets, favorites, tweets to tweets, etc. In this post, we will know about the aspect of following active influencers by which you can increase the authority of your account and this will help you to take a step forward in .

Your productivity on depends on the people who follow you. They are people who make your timeline a worthy place. So it is very important that you clean your profile from time to time so that only good people are left in it and in such a situation it b.ines possible to unfollow those who are not following you back.

Manually analyzing and checking people's profiles is a great option, but now you will be very active on twitter, it will be impossible for you to check the profiles of thousands of people. So today I am going to share with you some such tools by which you can analyze your account and also unfollow your non-followers. But this does not mean that you blind people should be unfollowed.

Many people will not follow you back and this is a fact. Here you have to unfollow those who add little or nominal productivity to you, and whose stuff they share, are useless for me. So here is the list of some awesome tools.

4 Tools to UnFollow Non-Followers and Enhance Productivity

Tweepi (

This is a very popular website from which you will be able to manage your account. Once you login and authorize your account, you will get a dashboard whose screenshot is also given below.


Here you can geeky flush (unfollow) your followers or reciprocate (follow users who are following you) or perform general clean-up activities so that you can do unactive profiles. Can unfollow.

These tools may seem useless at first, but when you are following a lot of twitter users, then opening every profile automatically and checking authenticity will not be a good option. With this tool you will get quick summary of each user and you can sort all the users according to whatever criteria you set. One restriction of this tool is that with this tool you can only unfollow one by one. If there was an option to unfollow it in bulk, it would have been much better.

Manageflitter (

There can be many reasons to unfollow users. Some people want to unfollow fake followers and some people want to unfollow them who do not follow them back. Others want to unfollow those who make excessive tweets. Many times there are bots that represent themselves like an orignal profile and their goal is only spamming.


So your help Manageflitter can do this work. It offers an efficient mechanism to clean your twitter timeline. With this basic filtering, it offers some features such as Power Post, which helps you publish tweets on the best 5 times 5 so that you can reach more and more people. Apart from this, you can track keywords from tweets, and you can beat your.inpetition by getting analytics. Although it is free, but you can also get the Pro Version for only $ 12.

Crowdfire (

Previously it was known as JustUnfollow. This is a place that you will like very much. Its UI is very good. It is very easy to use it, and its very good navigation will help you very much in cleaning your timeline.


I find its user interface and overall design very good. In the area of ​​unfollowing only non-followers, it also provides you many more options such as tracking recent followers / unfollowers, copying followers, following keywords etc. With all these, you will be able to make an effective usage of and reach a wider audience.

Easy Unfollow (

This is a very basic tool that offers a clean UI and promises to unfollow your non-followers. If you are one of those people who simply want to unfollow their non-followers quickly, and do not want any fancy features, then this tool will be most suitable for you. It does not have any special features but our primary motive is fulfilled by this. Once you login in it, you get a list displayed like screenshot shown below.


There is no special functionality in this as we have seen in the sites mentioned above, but here you can sort followers according to non-followers and new users. Analyzing profile b.ines easy when you notice the followers of one of your friends or the followers of a particular user. When you decide to unfollow someone, just click on the unfollow link and you will be done.

With this I will also warn you that if you unfollow many users at once, can also ban you without taking time. So the tools mentioned above are to make your work easier, but it is your responsibility to follow 's Terms and Conditions.

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