Next Games, together with Netflix, can bring new “Stranger Things” mobile game!

The famous 80s cartoon show “Stranger Things” can now appear as a game on your Android and iOS mobiles. Next Games partnered with Netflix to create the game and it is expected that by the year 2020, the game will be available on all Android and iOS platforms. This news is a great gift for all Stranger Things cartoon fans who will be able to watch their favorite cartoon characters through mobile games.

All the 6 characters of this famous cartoon can be clearly seen in its recently released promo picture, which makes it easy to guess that this game will include all the cartoon characters. Through this mobile game, all cartoon lovers will be able to re-live all the characters of their favorite cartoon coming every Saturday morning.

According to reports, the game will be designed as a puzzle RPG game, with the help of Google Maps, players will find out about the hidden world and will be able to face every challenge in their path with their friends. In this game, many demonic powers will also face the people playing the game, such things were seen in this cartoon.

“Our aim is to bring the main themes of the Stranger Things cartoons, which are thrilling stories of friendship and supernatural powers, to the mobiles of each and every person,” says Timu Huhtanen, CEO of Next Games.

This Stranger game, made by Next Games, will not be the first in itself, as BonusXP has already launched a game called “Stranger Things: The Game” on the Android platform, and Bonus XP is planned in the future for PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox Like discussed on gaming consoles.


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