New updates to Microsoft-owned SwiftKey, users will now be able to send new 3D animated emojis!

The world's leading software company Microsoft bought SwiftKey three years ago, most people use the SwiftKey app in their smartphones in addition to the default keyboard. Now Microsoft has added a new feature to the beta version of the SwiftKey app that will allow all users to send 3D animal emojis created using Augmented Reality, named “Puppets”.

According to reports, under this feature, users will be able to transfer their facial expressions to any emoji such as cat, dog, panda, lion or dinosaur. These “Puppets” emojis have been trained to understand the facial expressions of thousands of people using photographs and videos. With this, they will be able to understand the exact facial expressions of the users and make pictures or videos by copying the same.

Using this feature, all users will be able to make up to 30 seconds of video, but to use this feature, users' smartphones must have Android 7.0 Nougat or better installed Android version. Since the acquisition of SwiftKey by Microsoft, many new features have been added to it, including a “Puppets” feature.

Microsoft's product manager Deepak Parmanand stated in his blog post – “All smartphone users want to type fast and the SwiftKey app is the perfect app for this, besides people always want to express their feelings in a fun and interesting way.” And now SwiftKey has become a great app for this too. We wanted to give SwiftKey app lovers a fun option, so that they can connect with their loved ones, which can be a better option than using pre-defined GIFs ”.


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