Microsoft may release its Xbox Meani soon, which may cost close to $ 60!

According to media reports, software giant Microsoft is working on Meeni Xbox. Microsoft can get introduced to its mini Xbox soon. The price of this mini Xbox has been fixed around $ 60, especially for its Project Excloud.

Microsoft's XCloud project is a vision for game-streaming technology that was introduced in October last year to complement Microsoft's console hardware and give gamers plenty of options in how and where they play.

As per Thursday's report by tech website MS Power Users, the tinny box will be designed in such a way that users will be able to connect their Xbox controller to the TV and provide their minimum processing power.

Based on the report, the box will be based on the 3D environment, although it will not deal with the translation, design, and all other intensive processor functions involved in playing a modern game, so without a controller it would cost around $ 60.

Microsoft has not officially confirmed anything yet. At the moment, there is not much information about the specification of this device.


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