Local PC Par WordPress Kaise Install Kare? Step by Step Guide

Hello everyone, we all know that wordpress is the best blogging platform but if we have to make a blog with it then we need hosting and domain name. But if we have to learn it before we start with WordPress, can we learn it without hosting and domain name?

Yes, of course.

If you want to learn WordPress or do something that you do not want to do with your live online WordPress site, but if you want to try it somewhere first, then you can install WordPress on your local PC. Can. Let us know how today.

Local Host par WordPress kaise install karen

Step by Step Guide to Install WordPress on Local PC:

Here are the steps to install WordPress on local PC:

First of all you will need two things. These are two things: an offline php and mysql runtime environment software and the official .zip archive file of WordPress CMS. In this tutorial, we will use WAMP Server. Links to both things are given below. You can download them quickly by clicking on them.

Once both the things are downloaded, then follow the steps given below carefully.

  1. Install WAMP Server on your PC.
  2. Run it after install, it will take some time according to the specifications of your PC.
  3. This icon can be of different color, Red, Green or Blue. Each color indicates a condition of this server. Green indicates that the server is online and all its services are online, Orange indicates that the server is offline and services are partially on, and Red color indicates that all services are also closed and the server is also offline. <Img class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-1906″ alt=”WAMP ICON in Taskbar” width=”258″ height=”42″ src=”https://shoutmehindi.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/WAMP-ICON-in-Taskbar.png”/>
  4. We have to do this server online, for that, click on this icon and then click on the Start All Services button. Note that the icon turns green soon.
  5. After that when your server goes online, click on that icon again and then click on phpmyadmin. Then a MySQL setup will be opened in front of you in your default web browser.
  6. Here we have to create a databse for our wordpress. For that, click on the link for New in the left pane. Then according to the screenshot given below, enter the name of your database and then click on the button of Create.
  7. Now unzip the wordpress .zip archive folder that we had downloaded. It will have another folder, named as "WordPress". If you want to name this folder whatever you want, just keep in mind that you remember this name well, that is why, we know. So, mind you, we named it shoutmehindi.
  8. Now cut this folder from here and go to the installation directory of WAMP server and then to it, go to www folder. The default directory is: C: wamp www. Paste the folder into this www folder.
  9. Now go to your default web browser, keep in mind that your WAMP server is online, now type in the URL bar, localhost / "Name of your folder". For example in our case this is: localhost / shoutmehindi.
  10. Now the setup of WordPress will start in front of you. Now just, through this setup, enter the details according to the example WordPress blog you want to create on your local PC and proceed.

Use this data when you fill in the wordpress database information.

  • Database name: Database name you have created (WordPress)
  • Username: root
  • Password: Leave it blank
  • database host: Keep it default (Localhost)
  • Database prefix: Keep it default (wp_)

So in this way you can easily install WordPress on your local PC.

Some important things to keep in mind:

  • Just like the wordpress URL of an online site is like this, example.com just makes a difference in the local site so that your URL will be, localhost / example.com
  • If you want to login to your local WordPress site, go to this URL, localhost / "Name of your folder" / wp-login (in a live site, this is: example.com/wp-login)
  • Whenever you run a local site, your server is in online condition.

We have also made a video about this which we will upload on YouTube soon. 4

If you are a WordPress beginner then there are many useful tutorials on ShoutMeHindi for you, you can read them and understand and learn WordPress in a great way.

If you have any question, then do share with us through comments. Thank you for reading this blog post. Hope you find this information beneficial. If engaged, please share and do not forget to subscribe to us.

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