Like app kya hai aur like app kaise use kare step by step Hindi | Like app review

When you watch videos on youtube, some time your Like app You must have seen the ads of this or you must have seen the advertisement of the like app somewhere on interenet, then the question will.ine in your mind that this What is like app How it is used and why. If you have such questions in your mind or you want to know what is the Like app and how to use it. So after reading this post.inpletely, there will be hardly anything left in this app that you will not know. Like app review Let's do it.

like app reviews hindi

First let us know what is like app. This is a short video creating app or you can also call it magic app because with the help of this app you can create amazing magic video. This favorite app of many bollywood actors is shahid kapoor, disha patani, sonakshi sinha, arjun kapoor etc.

Like app has many features which make this app fun. With this app you can create magic video as well as dialogues, song, video, acting, 3d animation and many videos of bollywood actors. Also, along with uploading videos on Like app, you can also share on social media like facebook, whatsapp, twitter etc.

How to create account on like app

It is very easy to create an account on the LIke app. To install it, you have to go to google play store where you will see that Like app has been downloaded by 10 million people, which has been given 4.6 star rate, which means that people have liked this Like app a lot.

like app reviews hindi

After installing this app, as soon as you open it, it tells you to choose the language. After this, you get many options to create an account on the Like app, either you can create an account by simply putting your mobile number or you can connect with your account of facebook, gmail, instagram etc. with the Like app. In this way, you can easily create your account on the like app.

How to use like app step by step

Using the like app is very easy. In this app, how can you create your magic video, we will tell you step by step. So that you do not have to face any problem in using it, then let's go ahead and know how to use the Like app.

like app reviews hindi

When you create your Like account, a new screen opens as if the uper is shown. In this, you see some option at the top like

♦ Your profile icon
♦ Follow
♦ Popular
♦ Nearby
♦ Latest
♦ Global
♦ Notification bell

Your Profile icon

After creating an account in the like app, you see the small icon of your profile picture which you put here. After clicking on it, you can set your profile.


After clicking on the follow button, you see the video that has been inserted as well as the video that has been r.inmended to you.


The videos you see after clicking on it are popular videos. This means that you can watch popular videos.


This is a good feature after clicking on the Like app tells the people who are near you and also their distance.


On this, you get to see the latest video. If you say watching the latest video, then you can see it by clicking the popular button.


If you want to see the video of another country, then for that you have to click on the Global button

Notification bell

In the last, you get a notification bell when someone like and.inments on your video, then you get to know through the notification bell.

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Like app par video kaise bnaye

To make a video on a like app, first you have to click on the video icon and after that you will see some other options like

like app reviews hindi

♦ Select music
♦ Shoot first
♦ From Albam
♦ 4D magic
♦ Face Stickers
♦ Music magic
♦ Dialogue acting

Select music

If you ask to make a video on a song, then you have to choose the select music option.

Shoot first

You are making your first video or you have to choose this option to make a new video.

From albam

If you already have a video or you want to upload a video from your gallery, then you can upload by clicking on from albam.

4D magic

In this you can make magic video. For this, you have to act by turning on your camera the way you want to make a magic video. And magic video editing can be done accordingly.

Face stickers

You must have seen your logo make your face in different types, you can also give a new look to your face with stickers.

Music magic

In this, you are given different music magic filters. Which adds a magic effect to your video.

Dialogue acting

In this, you are given a lot of dialogue, just you have to select the dialogue on which to act. This is very funny and which you can share to your friends later.

In this way, choose the kind of video you want to make and then a new screen will open in front of you. Now if you want to shoot with your front camera, then set it or you can set the Rear camera according to yourself. In this way, you can make your own funny videos from the Like app and also do video editing in the same. So friends, if you want to join us on the Like app, then you can connect with us by typing HP_Jinjholiya in the search bar.

I hope you friends now understand that What is a like app and how is it used. And then if you face any problem, then definitely tell us in the.inment. And everyday to know about the new app, enter email and subscribe.


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