Learn more about Facebook’s Security Tips in Hindi – know about the security tips of Facebook.

<pre>Learn more about Facebook's Security Tips in Hindi - know about the security tips of Facebook. MyBigGuide

If you are troubled by your Facebook account being hacked over and over again, then these tips may help you-

 Know about Facebook Security Tips

Make strong passwords-

Any It is necessary to have a strong Password for the security of the account, many people make passwords very easy, which is child's job to hack such as – your name, your mobile number, your address, come here The bank account for the number, the number of your vehicle, your nickname and more. Remember this type of Password can be hacked very easily, a strong Password is very important.

Password Essentials –

  1. Password Must contain at least 8 or more letters
  2. Password should use uppercase letter in English eg – A, B, C
  3. Password should also use lowercase letter of English like – a, b , c
  4. Password should also use number – – 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  5. Password should also use these symbols – ~,!, @, #, $,%, ^, & , *, (,), _, + ….

If you create a password by adding all these characters, it will look something like this –

  1. Abc @ 1234,
  2. Hki @ # 125c [19659007] GB # 152 $ fv

You can create as many strong passwords as you want, but this should also be remembered by you.

Don't forget to log out –

Whenever you use your Facebook account, don't forget to log it out after work, so that it can be easily hacked. Always log it out.

Use Facebook's new security feature –

Facebook has provided this feature in its security features that if someone tries to open your account incorrectly, then you will get the information through email. To activate this feature, after logging in, go to Account Settings and click in the Account Security Options Email Notification box, now when Mr. someone will try to open your account for using the wrong password will receive mail.

Check Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure –

When you login to Facebook in your web browser, check HTTPS at the beginning of the URL as well as the symbol symbol of the lock, if it is not visible then log out immediately. Maybe your browser is out of date, download a new version of your web browser for this.

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