Learn how to earn money from youtube, earn millions of rupees

Today many people are earning thousands and millions of rupees from youtube and this is absolutely true, you must also know. That's why you want to know how to earn money from YouTube. Are you too Ywant to earn money from outube But you don't know that How to earn money from YouTube

Millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. The only purpose is to earn money from YouTube. Now it.ines to how those people make money from Youtube. Today we are going to give you.inplete information about this. After reading this post.inpletely, you will know about every way to earn money from YouTube.

Youtube se paise kaise kamaye

There are many ways to earn money from the internet. We you About the best 5 ways to earn money from internet Already told. Youtube is the best way to earn money online

♦ Online Paise, learn.inplete information on how to earn

After the arrival of Jio in India, the internet has b.ine cheap and fast since then youtube has b.ine a means of earning money in India. You can also call it Online Business. Today everyone likes to watch videos on YouTube. Whom youtube video creator earn money. Those are called youtuber.

First of all, let us know that What is youtube and how does it work. Which will help you to earn money from YouTube.

What is youtube

Youtube is a video sharing plateform. On which any person of the world can upload video. This is a free plateform. For which you do not have to pay any kind of money.

Youtube which is a service of Google and like other service of google, youtube app you get to see in every smartphone. Therefore, the chances of the video uploaded on YouTube being viral are much higher than any other internet plateform.

To upload videos on YouTube, you have to create an account on YouTube which Youtube channel It is said.

How youtube works

Youtube is the second largest search engine. Where millions of people search everyday. To bring your video up in search, you have to use keywords in Tittle, Tag and description.

One of the special features of YouTube is that it promotes auto video. If you watch a video, you are r.inmended a lot of videos related to it. Increasing views on a video also depends on the channel subscriber.

When you watch a video on YouTube So before the start of the video or before the end of the video, every youtuber says to subscribe to our channel.

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This is because youtube works on a subscriber base. The more subscriber the youtuber is, the more his / her video will reach. Which he will get maximum views.

Create YouTube channel and upload videos – Create youtube channel

♦ First you have to create a youtube channel. For this you Gmail account would be required. With the help of which your youtube channel will be created.

♦ Name your YouTube channel in a way that is unique, short and easy to remember.

♦ Design the channel art and logo to make your channel professional.

♦ Create a video intro for your YouTube channel.

♦ Upload your own created video to your channel. Which is just your copyright.

♦ After uploading the video, share it on your friends and social media which you get more views.

♦ Tell people in your video to subscribe to the channel.

When your channel's video people will like it, then the views and subscriber on your video will also increase, then you can start earning money from your channel. There are many ways to make money from youtube.

Ways to make money with youtube

We are going to tell you about those ways to earn money from YouTube which is very easy. Using these methods you can earn millions of rupees from YouTube.

Youtube se paise kaise kamaye infographic

Google adsense

Every biggest youtuber Google adsense Earns money from YouTube using. If you also want to earn money from youtube then you will have to monetization the youtube channel from Google.

♦ First of all, you have to enable monetization of your YouTube channel by going to the setting of YouTube channel.

♦ After this you have to create an account in google adsense using gmail.

♦ When the monetization of your channel goes on, then advertisements.ine on your video, which you get paid.

♦ The more people will win your video, the more your earning will be.

♦ Money earned from your youtube video.ines in your google adsense account, which you can transfer to your bank account.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing With the help of, you can earn a lot of money. For this, you have to give a link to the product of any online similar selling.inpany in your YouTube description box and when someone clicks on it and buys it, you get its.inmission.

Online Earn money at home Top idea

♦ First you have to join the Affiliate Program. Such as amazon, flipkart, sanpdeal, clickbank etc.

♦ Now create Affiliate link of the product you want to sell.

♦ Now you promote the same in your video. And give the link description of the product in the box that if someone buys it, then you get.inmission money.

♦ In the description box of every major youtuber, you will find the Affiliate link.

When your YouTube channel b.ines popular then you Sponsorship Starts meeting. For which you are given a good amount. The more popular your YouTube channel, the more you will be given sponsorship and money.

This is a very good way to earn money from YouTube, you have made maximum subscriber base on your youtube channel. Because after 5000 subscriber you can apply for sponsorship.

We have talked you all the ways that every youtuber uses and earns money. But google adsense is the most used among all these. This is the main source make money from youtube So you should have all the information about enabling YouTube channel monetization from google

It is important for every new Youtuber to have a look on Youtube

There was a time when most people did not know that What is youtube And how to earn money from YouTube. At that time only a few people were working on YouTube. This was the time when you started earning money by putting any video on youtube from the very first day.

But when Reliance jio came in India, people started watching videos on YouTube. The reason for this was the cheap and fast internet. Now everyone started watching videos on YouTube. Many new youtube creator also started working on YouTube. Also, anyone would make a video and put it on YouTube and make money.

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After this, an update came from YouTube, in which it was said that when your YouTube channel gets 10,000 views, then only you can start earning money from youtube channel. It was very easy to get 10,000 views due to internet being cheap and fast.

how to increase watch time on youtube

But somewhere it was causing damage to YouTube because of the fake click on the advertisement shown by YouTube. It was causing damage to youtube advertiser. Due to which he reduced advertising on YouTube very much.

Now some time ago a new update came from YouTube, in which it was said that in order to earn money from YouTube channel, you have to first.inplete 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time on your channel, within 1 year only then your youtube The channel's monetization will be enabled and you will be able to start earning money.

So friends, we got you in this post how to earn money from youtube All information about this is given. Hopefully, this post has been helpfull and usefull for you. If you liked our post, then definitely share it with your Youtuber friends.


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