Know how to apply Free Airtel Caller Tune

Do you know that you can install free Airtel caller Tune like Jio Sim. Many people do not know about this, some people may know, so today we will give you How to install free Airtel caller Tune It is going to give.inplete information about it.

We all know that there are many in India, but today Jio and Airtel are dominated in India and if we talk in terms of user numbers then Airtel is the biggest.inpany.

free airtel caller tune hindi

Jio.inpany offers a lot of service for free as you like. free Jio Caller Tune You can apply but if you are an Airtel user then now you can also use free airtel caller tune.

As you know, you have to pay 30 or more rupees per month to apply caller tune to any number, while Jio offers this feature free, so to.inpete with Jio, Airtel also started Free airtel hello tune service. Has

If you are an Airtel customer then you can now tune the free airtel caller tune that too for 999 days absolutely free. Here we can tell you that you cannot put a song of your choice in it, so the.inpany will be given a free hello tune.

Since airtel is the biggest.inpany in terms of user, if you are also an airtel user and have heard the sound of tring-tring then you can tune free airtel caller tune.

We you How Paid and Free Airtel caller tune To tell about both, if you want to install free airtel caller Tune for 999 days, then follow the steps given by us.

How to tune free airtel caller tune

Step- 1
First of all call by airtel number on 5787809.

Step- 2
Now you will hear the voice of the customer care girl who will ask you to press 1 to set the caller tune, so press 1.

Step- 3
Now your airtel caller tune is activated for 999 days.

Step- 4
Now press 5 to do the confirmation.

Step- 5
Now your airtel caller tune is done and check by calling from another number.

This is a very simple procedure for applying free caller tune on Airtel number, it takes only 2-3 minutes for this and the free caller tune is set on your number.

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But this free caller tune is provided by the.inpany which cannot be changed, so if you want to tune your favorite caller tune, then you have to pay some charge every month, so let's know how to put your favorite caller tune on Airtel. .

Airtel caller Tune Active First Method-

When you call an Airtel user with an Airtel number, if your favorite caller tune is on its number, then you can press that caller tune on your number by pressing # 9. If the charge of this caller tune is deducted from your main balance, then in this way you can tune the caller.

Airtel caller Tune Active Second Method-

Call Airtel Caller Tune 543211, after which you will hear some songs. If you like a song, then you press the number mentioned after that song and then that song starts on your number.

Airtel caller Tune Active Third Method-

You can also use the message to tune the caller tune on the Airtel number, send SET (songcode) to 543211 to set the caller tune by the message and set the desired caller tune from here.

Airtel caller Tune Active Fourth Method-

first of all Airtel Hello Tune Search in Google or click on it, after this you will see a list of songs. Select the song you want to put on your number.

Now select the Subscription Pack by entering your number and then pay by entering OTP, thus you can tune the Airtel caller of your choice.

How to Deactivate Airtel Caller Tune

If the caller tune is activated on your Airtel number and you want to deactivate it, then use the methods given below.

# 1. For this, dial * 678 # after which you see some option in which you get the option to deactivate caller tune, after which press caller tune deactivate.

#2. You can also deactivate airtel caller tune by message, for this you have to send message by writing STOP to 543211 after which caller tune b.ines deactivate.

# 3. If your above mentioned methods are not working then you can deactivate your airtel caller tune very easily by calling Airtel Customer Care.

So guys we gave you how to deactivate free airtel caller tune and deactivate airtel caller tune We have given information about both, we hope that this information has been helpful to you.

If you have installed Free Airtel Caller Tune by reading this post then definitely do it with your friends share Do that using Airtel Sim and if you have any question, Comment.


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