Jomato successfully tests hybrid drone, which will now deliver food from home to home!

Zomato is now preparing to deliver food and drink through door-to-door drones. On Wednesday, Jomato's head of food distribution has said that he has successfully tested food distribution through drone technology. In December last year, Jomato announced the purchase of Lucknow-based startup TechEagle Innovations, which provides services related to drones. Jomato has not yet revealed how much money he has paid to buy the startup.

In a statement on Wednesday, Jomato said the test was carried out using a hybrid drone, which carried a 5 km payload with a maximum speed of 80 kmph while carrying a 5 kg payload. Was able to This test was conducted in a designated area as per DGCA norms.

Jomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goel said that “The only way to reduce food supplies from 30.5 minutes to 15 minutes is by air only. It is not possible to make fast food supplies from the roads. We are using sustainable and safe delivery technology. Working towards manufacturing and with our first successful trial, food delivery via drones is no longer possible ”. He said that when there are regulatory hurdles, the technology is ready for use.

The drone has sensors and an onboard computer inbuilt to sense and avoid static and dynamic objects. It is capable of flying long like a helicopter, can change to an airplane mode to cover the distance and then switch back to helicopter mode for vertical (ie, like a helicopter) landing without the need for any runway. It is possible.

Despite being fully automated, each drone is currently being tested with (remote) pilot supervision to ensure safety, the statement said.

Zomato is currently serving in over 100 countries. This app has tied up with more than 75000 restaurants and hotels so that food can be delivered to the users as quickly as possible.


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