Is your password saved on the Internet?

was the time when a person had a E-mail ID and probably had a Account on one of the sites, but in today's time From Social networking websites Online shopping, Online SMS Job Portal so much of history, that On all these you have your Account and sometimes we forget to put Password so nowadays Web Browser itself [19659002] Password Safe Keep Option Hai when you create your E-mail ID Account on any Site then you Web Browser Whether you want to keep this password secure, or remember my password comes Option if you do Yes then Web Browser [19659003] Your User ID and Password are kept safe, but sometimes you create Account on Sites that you don't remember yourself One way to know what password you entered on the Site is that you can find it by looking at the Secure Password List in your Browser Kiss Site What password did you put on

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How To Find Saved Password In Firefox

How to locate saved password in Firefox

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Click on the Firefox icon, go to Option and then click on Option

Option Select the Security tab when the window opens, select Saved password when the tab opens

Saved password After the window opens all your Sites will come to List which you created by opening Account in Firefox , Now just click on Show password you will see Username and Password of that site too.

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How To Find Saved Password In Google Chrome

How to locate saved password in Google Chrome

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Google Chrome menu Open and Settings Click on,

Then Click Show Advanced Settings

Here you Passwords and Forms option in Manage Clicked on saved passwords

Password After the opening of the window, all of your Sites List come
Go, you created Account by opening it in Google Chrome now just click on Show you will find that too of Sites [19659002] Username and Password visible
 Will go.


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If you Cyber ​​cafe on [19659009] Internet Use always keep in mind that when you do your Open E-mail ID or any other account, then ever on Remember my Password Tic Put, your like this Password Public (Public) Can, and anyone can misuse it (Misuse) .


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