Is your computer safe for children?

There was a time when there was a computer somewhere, you would be surprised to know that the computer status has also been simple, but now the era has changed, every other house has a computer, every hand has a smart phone, everyone has There is a tablet, a 24-hour internet connection, a wifi. There are many social accounts, hundreds of friends and followers on them. But 10 years ago special training had to be done to run a computer, but today small children can easily run computers and other equipment, sometimes even surprising the parents. It is because of this that he sees all these electronic devices used since childhood, due to which all these things become part of his life since childhood, but with this a question arises whether he knows when and how to use them. How much to do? For this, every parent needs to be concerned about how much children are using computers, internet or other devices, can you monitor their online activities, this week on My Big Guide we will discuss about parental control In, where you will know how to make your home computer and internet or other devices safe for your child Whether you're at home or not.
  • Determination of time of use of computer and internet of children by parents.
  • Blocking material that is not suitable for children.
  • Making Internet search optimized for children.
  • Explaining children about cyber bullying etc.
  • To provide children with accurate information about the use of Internet and computers.
  • To provide information about ways to protect children online.
  • Apart from this, there are many other things that come under parental control.

The child often does not know what to do, they are engaged in what they feel is good, first of all comes the computer, it is mostly with everyone, including games with games, movies , Music can also be enjoyed with great ease. Now children will not work, for most children, a computer is a game machine. They put a variety of games in it and are engaged with it all day. If you are at home, you can refuse them by doting them, but in your absence they use the computer all day. Know what to do in such a way –

  1. First of all, create a separate user account for the children in the computer and do not tell your account password to them. In Windows 7, we know how to create a separate account for children.
  2. For this you go to the Control Panel and select User Accounts here.
  3. Click on Manage another Accounts here.
  4. Now click on Create New Account.
  5. Click here on the standard user and give a name in the New Account Name. You can also put your child's name here, it will make him feel that it is made for him only.
  6. Now click on Create Account. This will create your standard user account. Standard user account already has many things like Restrictions, like you cannot delete a file, cannot be remane and much more.
  7. Now go back to the Manage Accounts page. Click on the user account created here.
  8. Click on Setup Parental Controls here.
  9. Now click on the user account created.
  10. User Controls page will open. Here parental controls will be off, turn it on.
  11. Windows Setting will appear below it. In which Time Limits, Game Ratings and Program Limits Setting will be given. Right now you will see all this off. Turn them on one by one.

Time Limits Restrictions- Here you will see a graph Here is the time of day and day of the week, blue box means Blocked and white box means Allowed, as many hours as you can in the day. Time will be allowed, apart from that the user account will not open. This means even if you are not at home, the children will not be able to run the computer.

Game Restrictions- With this option you can control the games, if you do not want children to play any games then click here. This will prevent any Windows game.

Application Restrictions- Now it is the turn of other application and software by clicking here you will get the list of all applications and software of your computer. Whichever program you want. You can block it for children, for this you just have to tick it.

For this day, we will talk more on Parental Control and how it felt like this article must tell-

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