Internet safety tips for women – Internet safety tips for women |

Crimes against women are increasing day by day, it is not safe anywhere, even on the internet. Women are most frequently harassed by social networking sites on the Internet, so there is a need for women to become aware of topics such as computer and Internet, such as cyber crimes. ), To know options like Internet Privacy. To know how to protect yourself and how to maintain privacy and security even when you are online – Internet safety tips for women – Internet safety tips for women

Social networking site Word (virtual world) is a virtual world where all your relatives, neighbors and friends are always in a network with you. Sitting anywhere in the world with whom you share moments of your life, including your personal photo and video. The danger here is not from people you know, but from people you do not know. Those who live all the time looking for how to get into your personal life and misuse it.

    • Protect yourself on the Internet from phishing

The most popular name in social networking is Facebook (Facebook), the world's every The other person is connected to Facebook. From small children to 60 years old people, too, have an account on Facebook, whether they are women or men. But you will be surprised to know that the number of fake accounts on Facebook is also increasing, as well as cybercrime is also increasing, which is also becoming a headache for Facebook and Facebook users. That is why we have brought some tips for you, which will help you stay safe on social networking sites like Facebook.

  • First of all make your password strong.
  • Do not accept Friend Requests from any unknown person. Until you get full information about it.
  • Do not share your photos and videos publicly.
  • If someone is sending you the wrong message, block it immediately.
  • Don't forget to share your mobile number on social networking site.
  • Use Privacy Shortcuts. In which who can see you or who can message you, this type of setting is given.

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