India closed these 5 apps- android apps not available in india

Today we are going to tell you about such apps which have been.inpletely banned in India and that app is not even available on Google Play Store. These apps are a threat to the security of your phone

Today we are going to tell you about 5 apps that are.inpletely banned in India, this can prove to be a threat to your smartphone, even breaking the Google has removed them from its Play Store. Removed from the store, if you also use them, then you should be a little careful because these apps can steal your data and bring viruses in your phone, so let's know these apps About

First of all, let us tell you that you should use the same apps that you download from google's play store, many times it is seen that people do not download apps from google play store and from somewhere else with the help of a website or internet Apps download which are not safe for you, it can bring virus in your phone and you can leak all your information. If there is such an app in your phone, then uninstall them immediately.

list of android apps not available in india


This app is used to download videos from YouTube, with the help of this app you can download any video of YouTube to your phone's memory.

But this app can prove to be very dangerous for your security. In India, this app has been closed and Google has removed it from its Play Store. This app steals your personal information and it is against Google's privacy policy. Was the reason Google removed it from its Play Store

2. OGlnsta +

With the help of this app, you can easily download videos and photos on Instagram, if you also use this app to download photos and videos from Instagram, then for your information, tell us that it is banned in India. Has gone and has been banned on the Google Play Store

3. Download Blackmart alpha

This is an app that makes all Paid apps available for free, if you use this app on your phone, go a little

Also, if there is an app that provides you Paid app for free, then you should not use any such app, using such app can cause virus in your phone.

4. Adway

It is often seen that whenever you turn on your phone's internet, some ads start displaying in your phone, some people get sad and upset and download some app to close the ad.

With the help of Adway, you can block the ad.ining in the phone. This is an ad blocker app that has been banned in India.

5. Lucky patcher

This app has been closed by the Google Play Store, with the help of this app, you can use any paid app and game for free, after downloading this app, a virus gets in your phone which leaks all your information from someone. Also, you should not use an app that allows you to download apps that are paid in the Google Play Store.


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