If users go on the wrong path, the new feature of Google Map “off route” will alert soon!

We all know that Google always believes in doing something new and in this Kadhi, Google is going to add a new feature in its leading Android app Google Map. For all Google map users in India, Google is now testing the “off route” alert feature which aims to provide greater convenience and security to the traveling users.

According to the report of XDA Developers, passengers traveling in public transport will be kept more secure with the help of this new feature “Off-route” of Google Map. On activating this feature, if the vehicle in which the passenger is traveling, if it goes up to 500 meters on the wrong route from the prescribed route, then this feature will immediately inform the users riding in the vehicle.

This feature will not only ensure the safety of the user, but it will also help the users to avoid cheating by the cab driver, bus driver or driver of any other vehicle while traveling to an unfamiliar part of the city. On going the wrong route, it will not reroute the driver, but will send an alert to the users' phone, which will help in quickly dealing with any emergency.

At the moment it is not clear whether users of Google Map will be provided with the “off-route” feature in future in other countries as well. But Google is going to update Google Maps for all Indian users, in which other features like speedometer and radar locations will be available.

The company has also launched three new public transport facilities including live train status to help map users in the 10 largest cities in India. In which the users will be able to see the scheduled time to reach the destination during the bus journey with the help of live traffic and for the Indian Railways to see the status of live train and suggest mixed-mode traffic such as autorickshaws, taxis and other public transport to the users. Can be easily found on mobile screen.


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