IBM has reportedly patented a smartwatch, which can also be converted into smartphones and tablets!

Every day a new design and new technology is being seen in the smartphone market, all the smartphone manufacturers are competing to create different and better designs from others. Currently, the smartphone with foldable screen is considered as the biggest invention in the smartphone world, but so far no company has officially launched its foldable phone. Meanwhile, IBM, one of the largest tech companies in the world, has patented one of its smartwatches, which can also be converted into smartphones and tablets.

The design of the smartwatch patented by IBM appears in pictures on the Internet, the feature of this smartwatch is its design which has 8 different foldable display screens. This smartwatch has a compartment that has 7 additional display panels, these panels can be opened and converted into smartphones with 4 panels and tablets with 8 panels. When these panels are opened, its user interface and icons will change accordingly.

According to reports, this device will be given a single speaker and when converted to tablet, it will have the facility to connect an optical mouse and keyboard. Apart from this, no information has been provided by the company, so that it can be known what the hardware specifications of this device will be and what other features will be given in it.

Currently, IBM has patented only the design of this device and currently no smartphone, smartwatch or tablet is being manufactured by the company. In this situation it is very difficult to say when the company will start working on this device but it will take a lot of time, it is certain. IBM can bring any product to market in future with this design, but we have no other option but to wait for it.


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